AXTY Talks About Metalcore, Djent, and Influences in Exclusive Interview

Rising Brazilian metalcore band AXTY granted us an exclusive interview, discussing their upcoming projects, innovation, and much more
AXTY's band members

AXTY is making waves not just within the metalcore and djent scene of Brazil, but also garnering an international following. The band stands out as more than your typical metalcore act; they understand the significance of innovation. AXTY also believes that rock music is experiencing a powerful resurgence, and is about to dominate the charts once more. Their unique approach and unwavering dedication are undoubtedly propelling them to the forefront of the global music scene.

Let's dive into it!

What attracted you to metalcore, and how did you come together to form the band?

AXTY: All the band members enjoy metalcore and had previous projects in the genre, we also knew each other from participating in the music scene in the Campinas region. The band started as a solo project of the vocalist Felipe Hervoso and after several attempts, finalized its lineup with Felipi Grivol (guitar), Gabriel Vacari (drums), and Jonathas Peschiera (bass), who were playing in another metalcore band in the region at the time.

We've noticed a variety of genres incorporated into AXTY's music, from djent to elements of electronic music, which brings a lot of innovation to the music scene. What are some of your biggest influences? Are you more influenced by classic rock and metal bands or by more modern and contemporary artists and bands?

AXTY: Without a doubt, we are more influenced by contemporary metal. Current bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, Polaris, I Prevail, Falling in Reverse, Bad Omens, Wage War, The Plot in You, and Currents are among our main influences.

On the same topic, how do you view the importance of innovation in the current metalcore scene?

AXTY: Innovation is essential for the evolution of different music genres. This happens both in the production aspect, by using new technologies and recording/mixing techniques, and in the musical language, which is influenced by other styles that are popular at the moment. Without innovation, a genre becomes dated and falls into obscurity.

The song "SIX FEET UNDER," recently released, is undoubtedly one of the biggest hits in the scene, with incredible lyrics, verses like "All colors fade to shades of gray" and "Now the colors turned to grey" suggesting a loss of vitality but still the possibility of improvement. Do you believe that AXTY's lyrics provide reasons for the audience to keep fighting and facing their problems?

AXTY: We have received messages of gratitude for our songs helping people cope with difficult problems or situations. It is very fulfilling to know about these connections between the work and the audience on such a level; this is when art transcends and becomes a healing component, a form of therapy. Despite that, not all our lyrics are about overcoming challenges; several are even demotivational, in a way, an attempt to honestly portray feelings and emotions as they are: without a positive perspective in various moments of life.

Recently, we have seen a resurgence of rock, with bands like Bring Me The Horizon, which were once underground and are now mainstream, showing that anything is possible in the music scene. Do you have plans to reach the mainstream in the future, or do you prefer to remain in the underground scene?

AXTY: We have noticed that what is in the mainstream is usually cyclical, and at some point, rock/metal will return as a major player. However, we are not waiting for that to happen to do our part. Of course, we would like the genre to have a larger space in today's mainstream media. This way, we could have more exposure and consequently grow faster. Regardless of that, we remain focused on our plan to make music that we love to listen to, with the best quality we can, and always strive to innovate.

We know that the creative process is challenging. How do you manage to stay creative in the creation process and think outside the box?

AXTY: We are always consuming current music and generating ideas. We believe that, like in other activities, the secret lies in being very strict about what will be used in the final version. So, the key is in the habit of creating constantly and in trial and error, as the majority of ideas are discarded in the pursuit of quality.

Considering that the metalcore and djent audience is quite demanding, valuing complex riffs and profound lyrics, do you also think you have one of the most challenging audiences to please, or do you believe everything flows naturally?

AXTY: We always worry about how fans will receive our new works, but this has never been a hindrance to exploring new musical paths that please us. So, things naturally fall into place. We don't think our audience is hard to please; on the contrary, we observe that many of them are quite eclectic. As long as we deliver quality music, there won't be any problems.

In the creative process, do you prefer being in the studio, brainstorming and composing, or on stage, interacting directly with the audience?

AXTY: Our creative process almost always begins with some sketch of an instrumental structure that arises as an individual idea. Then, we gather in the studio to finalize the structure. In this finalization process, there is a lot of brainstorming, attempts, and tests until we arrive at a version that pleases everyone in the band.

In your opinion, how do social media, streaming platforms, and even our website contribute to the music scene?

AXTY: Digital tools have revolutionized the music industry; today, the gap between artists and the audience has been significantly reduced thanks to social media and other platforms. In the past, only those with access to mainstream media (radio, magazines, and TV) could gain some recognition. However, nowadays, through social media algorithms and investment in advertisements, independent artists can expand their audience.

Last question, what can AXTY fans expect for 2024?

AXTY: Fans can expect a new album (which has already started to be released, with 'Six Feet Under' as the first single), marking our return to our heavier side, along with new merchandise and plenty of shows.


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