Top10 Worldwide Music Selection from Concerty - July 2022

The love of music is one of the few universally shared experiences in the world - no matter where you are, chances are you like putting on your headphones and vibe to your favorite tunes from time to time.

However, we also tend to focus just too much on what’s popular in our neck of the woods. We here at would like to help broaden your musical perspective a little bit.

Here is a rundown of what was popular last month in different countries around the world.

Drake - Jimmy Cooks feat. 21 Savage (CANADA)

We’re kicking our list off with a true A-lister. Canada’s hip-hop/R&B superstar Drake was among the favorites of his compatriots up North.

This track is fresh off of his new album “Honesty, Nevermind”. It also features a top tier rapper from America, none other than 21 Savage. This is actually the 4th time the duo has done a collab, after such songs as “Sneakin’”, “Knife Talk”, and “Mr. Right Now”. They’re becoming a regular Simon & Garfunkel!

Fireboy DML - Bandana (NIGERIA)

For our next entry, we’re traveling to Africa.

Nigeria’s rising star Fireboy DML was on top of the charts in his home country. The talented R&B singer has also released a studio album this year, just like his Canadian colleague in our passage above. Fireboy DML’s new project is called “Playboy”, and this single “Bandana” has become the most popular one on the tracklist.

His big breakthrough came in 2018, with the release of his hit single “Jealous", and he’s been a prominent figure in the African music scene ever since.

Instasamka - Moneyken Love (KAZAKHSTAN)

Due to the unfortunate war in Ukraine, Spotify has decided to pull out of the Russian market. However, this doesn’t mean that Russian artists have lost all of their audience on the platform.

The 22-year-old rapper from Tobolsk, Russia, Instasamka, had the most listened to track in Kazakhstan last month. It was her newly released “Moneyken Lova”. It’s no surprise a Russian artist would do well in neighboring Kazakhstan, as around 90% of the Kazakh population is fluent in Russian. They were also the last to leave the Soviet Union after its collapse.

Tha Supreme - s!r! (ITALY)

Let’s continue with another hip hop track, from a couple thousand miles away.

Rapper Tha Supreme in Italy put out a new trap single, with fellow Italian hip hop artists Lazza and Sfera Ebbasta also featured on the track. The “visual video” for the song shows a cartoon figure that resembles the male version of the popular “Lofi Girl” meme - however, he has both a halo and devil’s horns on his head as well!

Victor Leksell - Din låt (SWEDEN)

Next up on our list is an electropop song from Northern Europe. The talented Swedish singer Victor Leksell was on top of the charts last month with this new hit single featuring rapper Einár. It has a classic “club banger” sound.

Leksell was originally discovered on the reality/talent show Idol 2017 at age 20. The next year, in 2018, he hit really big with his hit single “Svag” reaching the top of the charts in Sweden. Four years later, he’s king of the hill again in his home country with his new release “Din låt”.

Tulus - Hati-Hati di Jalan (INDONESIA)

Architect-turned-popstar Tulus from Indonesia found the blueprint for a real summer hit in his home country.

“Hati-Hati di Jalan” off of his album “Manusia” stayed near the top of the charts in the South-Asian nation throughout July. This is the artist’s 4th studio album, released in March of this year.

Sanah - Ostatnia nadzieja (POLAND)

24-year-old Polish pop singer Sanah could be the poster child for persistence.

As a teenager, she applied to talent-reality shows, such as The Voice and Got Talent, many, many times. She even went to the UK to try out on Britain’s Got Talent. However, it seems she could just never catch a break. However, when she started uploading her music to YouTube and Periscope, people finally noticed her. At last, she got to the top when her 2020 electropop single “Szampan” became the #1 hit in her home country of Poland.

Two years later, in July 2022, she’s back on top with a folk pop song this time: “Ostatnia nadzieja” was second on the Polish charts last month.

Jay Chou - Greatest Works of Art (TAIWAN)

Taiwanese singer-rapper Jay Chou put out his latest album just a few weeks ago. This was the prolific artist’s 15th studio album. It bears the grandiose title “Greatest Works of Art”. The titular pop track on it was also popular in Taiwan last month, hence its inclusion on our list.

Bizarrap, Quevedo: BZRP Music Sessions #52 (ARGENTINA)

Argentinian record producer and DJ Bizarrap teamed up with Spanish singer Quevedo to make this track.

While its title may not be the most creative one, the actual music was good enough to top the charts in Argentina last month. The track features a synthwave-like instrumental, with an impressive and very prominent vocal performance by Quevedo.

Meanwhile, the Spanish lyrics are about the singer meeting a girl in a Buenos Aires night club.

J-Hope - Arson (VIETNAM)

K-pop was the craze in Vietnam last month.

BTS member J-Hope’s solo single “Arson” was the most popular tune in the country. Recently, the plentiful and passionate BTS fans have been through quite a scare. Rumors of the band’s break-up flared up based on the statements by some of the members, mainly Suga.

Their management soon clarified that the boyband is planning on staying intact. However, the individual artists will have more time to work on solo projects. J-Hope’s new hip hop song is a great example of that.

We hope we have managed to draw attention to some foreign artists that you otherwise may never have heard of. Also, please check out our Spotify playlist below with all the tracks featured in this article.

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