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Annually held in New York City, Electric Zoo is an EDM festival that typically takes place over Labor Day weekend. The festival features some of the biggest names in EDM, as well as upcoming artists, across multiple stages. The festival has been running since 2009 and has featured performers such as Tiësto, Deadmau5, David Guetta, and many other big names.

Electric Zoo was founded by a company called Made Event, which is a New York-based music promotion company. Made Event was founded in 2004 by Laura De Palma and Mike Bindra, who are both experienced event promoters and music lovers.

The company has been involved in organizing other famous electronic music events in New York, but Electric Zoo has become its flagship event and has grown to be one of the most popular EDM festivals in the world.

Nowadays, Electric Zoo has become one of the biggest and most respected EDM festivals in the world, attracting thousands of attendees each year from all over the world.

Famous For:
Electric Zoo is famous for being one of the premier electronic dance music festivals in the world and is known for its high-energy atmosphere, top-notch production values, and a world-class lineup of artists.

Creation Purpose:
Laura De Palma and Mike Bindra were passionate about EDM in general and saw an opportunity to create a large-scale festival in NYC that could rival other popular EDM festivals around the world. They wanted to bring together the best artists in the genre and create an immersive experience for attendees that would celebrate the music, culture, and community of EDM.

Fun Facts:
Each year, Electric Zoo features a unique theme that is incorporated into the festival's production design and marketing materials.

In 2013, Electric Zoo was canceled on its third day due to safety concerns related to severe weather conditions.

In 2019, Electric Zoo celebrated its 11th anniversary with a lineup featuring over 100 artists and over 150,000 attendees.

Impact on the Music Industry:
Electric Zoo's success has paved the way for the growth of other EDM festivals around the world. The festival has helped to popularize the concept of large-scale electronic music events.

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Electric Zoo 2023 at a glance

When did Electric Zoo 2023 take place?

Festival was scheduled from 01 Sep to 03 Sep 2023 (2 day(s)).

Where was Electric Zoo 2023 held?

Electric Zoo takes place in New York City, United States. Here is the full address of the festival: 20 Randalls Island Park, New York, NY 10035, United States

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