Top10 Worldwide Music Selection from Concerty - June 2022

Music is often called a universal language. People tend to enjoy it all around the world - and by the world, we don’t just mean the United States.

That is why you too should listen to some of the biggest hits from around the Globe, not just American songs that tend to dominate the charts everywhere. Sadly, artists from outside the anglo-sphere can have a difficult time getting international exposure. That is despite the fact that you don’t actually have to know the language and understand the lyrics of a song to thoroughly enjoy the music. With this article, we’re doing our best to remedy that.

Concerty is compiling a list of songs that were among the most popular ones in each month in 10 different countries. Here’s our selection for June, for your listening pleasure. Don’t forget to launch the Spotify tracklist at the end!

Novelbright - 愛とか恋とか (JAPAN)

There is music in Asia outside K-pop as well. Novelbright’s “愛とか恋とか” (which translates to  “Love or Love” in English) was consistently near the top of the charts in Japan last month. Novelbright is an Osaka-based rock band, founded in 2013. Their biggest hit to date is their 2020 single “ツキミソウ “ (Evening Primrose). The band is pulling on the heartstrings of their massive audience, with this new track  “愛とか恋とか” about a sad man longing for his lover gone. The tune is a catchy, poppy one with an instrumental that features acoustic and digital instruments as well.

JuL - J'ai tout su (FRANCE)

Over in France, hip hop was the winner last month. Rapper JuL released his hit single “J'ai tout su” (“I know everything''), which was very popular among hip hop fans in the land of Napoleon for June. JuL made his debut album in February 2014, and his proliferation has been quite impressive since. There has not been a full year since when he didn’t put out at least 2 (!) new albums. One thing is for sure: if you happen to become a fan of this artist through this song, you’ll have to allocate a considerable amount of time to keep up with all of his songs coming out.

Güneş - Suçlarımdan Biri (TURKEY)

Turkish pop-folk singer Burcu Güneş released her song “Suçlardan Biri” (“One of the Crimes”) earlier this year, and it’s still ranking high on the charts in her home country. Her team was gracious enough to even make an “English version” for YouTube, which is just the music video with English close captions available if you turn them on. Güneş is an established artist who has been in the Turkish music industry since the late 1990’s. She is also known for her support of animal rights.

Antoon - Olivia (NETHERLANDS)

From the Netherlands, we got singer-rapper Valentijn “Antoon” Verkerk’s hit single “Olivia” for you. The song is a plea sung to the titular character, a woman named Olivia. It’s a fresh release from this month, which instantly became a top track among the Dutch music fans. The 20-year-old Dutch artist Antoon was discovered on TikTok as a teenager in 2020. So far, he’s only put out one album, but with the success he’s been having, more are sure to be coming down the pipeline.

Gusttavo Lima - Termina Comigo Antes (BRAZIL)

Gusttavo Lima is known to sing songs from the classic Brazilian music genres sertanejo and arrocha. The first hit that brought him to the national spotlight was the sertanejo song “Balada” back in  2011. His new single “Termina Comigo Antes” (“Break Up With Me Before”) is a love song that is perhaps most similar to a folk-pop song from the classic Western genres. It features very prominent vocals with only acoustic instruments accompanying it. Lima is definitely singing his heart out on the track for all of you emotional types out there.

Bad Bunny - Tití Me Preguntó (MEXICO)

We’ve got to the first country where our selection didn’t fall on a native artist. Rapper (and WWE superfan) Bad Bunny hails from Puerto Rico, a United States overseas territory. Just don’t confuse him with fellow rapper Bhad Bhabie, aka “the Catch Me Outside girl”. Bad Bunny’s hit single “Tití Me Preguntó” (“Titi Asked Me”) is what got him to the top in Mexico. It’s a fresh release, straight from his 2022 album “Un Verano Sin Ti” (A Summer Without You”). The music video garnered over 200 million views on YouTube in its first month. That is quite impressive!

Jack Harlow - First Class (UNITED STATES)

We may have been a little dismissive in our intro about American artists dominating the charts everywhere, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a new banger from the States. Jack Harlow, perhaps best known for being featured on Lil Nas X’s hit “Industry Baby” from last year, put out his latest rap song in May. It managed to stay near the top of the streaming charts throughout June. His recent success propelled the Kentucky-born hip hop star to the level where he even has his own meal at KFC.


Over in the Philippines, K-pop was the craze for June. South Korean pop diva Nayeon had one of the most popular songs in the first month of summer, with her latest hit “POP!”. It’s a fast-paced, upbeat summer banger. The music video is quite a fun watch as well, with constant cutting between a whole slew of elaborate sets, and an army of female dancers. Singer Nayeon has been in the mainstream for a while by now, originally having her start in the girl group Twice in 2015. She broke away from the group to focus on her solo career just earlier this year. Based on the success of this song, it seems to be working out for her.

Sidhu Moose Wala - SYL (INDIA)

Staying in Asia, the Indian rapper-singer Sidhu Moose Wala had a massive hit in his home country last month. Sadly, this is a posthumous entry. Wala passed away on May 29, 2022, at age 28. The rapper was viciously gunned down on the street. It was most likely a gang-related killing. His new track “SYL”, however, lives on. Eerily, his official YouTube channel posted the video after his death. The song is written in his native language of Punjabi, and has an instrumental with uniquely Indian features.

Rave Republic - Brakes On (SINGAPORE)

Our last entry on our list truly proves that music is a universal language: it’s a duo of a Swiss and an Australian DJ called Rave Republic, based in Singapore. What’s more, their latest hit EDM track was produced in collaboration with the Colombian tropipop band Bonka. It also features Aussie artist Maikki.

We’re hoping we’ve brought to your attention some new, exciting artists that you would not have heard of otherwise and who'll bing you much enjoyment in the future. Here’s our Top10 World Concerty list for June if you wish to further peruse our picks.

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