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Most famous venues for live shows in Johannesburg

  1. FNB Stadium

About Johannesburg


The largest and most populous city in South Africa, Johannesburg is home to some super talented and world-famous musicians, to mention one, Troye Sivan, the modern pop star. Another legendary group that calls Johannesburg home is The Mahotella Queens, formed in the 60s. The group became synonymous with South African music.

When it comes to music, Johannesburg has something for everyone. Jazz group Basadi Women of Jazz and gospel artist Benjamin Dube also call the city their home.


Just like any other place in South Africa, Johannesburg is a city full of energy and amazing culture. The city's art scene is active and brings a unique style to the city, with places like the Maboneng Precinct displaying modern African art. Also, if you are a fan of some good food, Johannesburg's food scene has markets and restaurants that offers both local and international dishes.

Multiculturalism is also something that makes the city super popular and unique. Music festivals like Afropunk and art exhibitions at the Johannesburg Art Gallery are definitely worth your time.

The city also has important places like the Apartheid Museum and Constitution Hill, which teach you about South Africa's complicated past and how it's changing today. If you want to understand better everything that happened in South Africa, then you must go there and check it out.


Johannesburg has a history of bouncing back and evolving, starting as a mining town and growing into South Africa's economic center. The city was also a major player in the fight against apartheid, with leaders like Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu making big changes through their actions. Areas like Soweto and Newtown show its mix of people and rich culture.

Over time, Johannesburg has become a diverse city, drawing people from everywhere and adding to South Africa's mix of cultures. The city's buildings, like the old Carlton Centre and the new Sandton skyline, brings to this beautiful city a modern touch.


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