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  1. Basket Case
  2. American Idiot
  3. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Green Day Photo

Green Day

  1. Chicken Fried
  2. Knee Deep (feat. Jimmy Buffett)
  3. Toes
Zac Brown Band Photo

Zac Brown Band

  1. The Kids Aren't Alright
  2. You're Gonna Go Far, Kid
  3. Self Esteem
The Offspring Photo

The Offspring

  1. Jireh (feat. Chandler Moore & Naomi Raine)
  2. Firm Foundation (He Won't) [feat. Cody Carnes]
  3. Promises (feat. Joe L Barnes)
Maverick City Music Photo

Maverick City Music

  1. Wagon Wheel
  2. To Be A Man (feat. Darius Rucker)
  3. Alright
Darius Rucker Photo

Darius Rucker

  1. Somethin' 'Bout A Truck
  2. More Girls Like You
  3. Hey Pretty Girl
Kip Moore Photo

Kip Moore

  1. Perfect Strangers
  2. September Song
  3. September Song - Guitar Acoustic
JP Cooper Photo

JP Cooper

  1. Get Down On It - Single Version
  2. Celebration
  3. Cherish - Single Version
Kool & The Gang Photo

Kool & The Gang

  1. Indigo Girl
  2. Letters
  3. Undone - Elephant in the room
Watershed Photo


  1. Hippie-Bus
  2. Loreley - feat. Horst Wegener
  3. Zürimaa
Dodo Photo


  1. Graveyard Blues
  2. I've Grown So Ugly
  3. A Thousand Miles From Nowhere
Robert Williams Photo

Robert Williams

  1. When U Go - MoBlack Remix [Mixed]
  2. When U Go
  3. When U Go - Edit
Internet Girl Photo

Internet Girl

  1. Tears of Jupiter (FSOE838)
  2. Christmas Is a Time To Love
  3. Amazing Grace
Cape Town Photo

Cape Town

  1. The Kids Aren't Alright
  2. You're Gonna Go Far, Kid
  3. Self Esteem
Offspring Photo


  1. Let It Go
  2. Mr. Telephone
  3. Let It Go - Epic Version
Capetown Photo


  1. Ni**as In Paris
  2. Empire State Of Mind
  3. Numb / Encore
Jay Photo


  1. Ni**as In Paris
  2. Empire State Of Mind
  3. Numb / Encore
Jay Photo


  1. Chicken Fried
  2. Knee Deep (feat. Jimmy Buffett)
  3. Toes
Zac Brown Photo

Zac Brown

Most famous venues for live shows in Cape Town

  1. Grand Arena, GrandWest
  2. DHL Stadium

About Cape Town


The legislative capital of South Africa and the country's oldest city, Cape Town is the city where many jazz and African music stars were born. Jeremy Loops, very known in the indie folk community, brought his light and energy to the city. 

Afropop is also very trendy in the city. Mango Groove is also known for their unique style, which mixes pop with township music like marabi and kwela.

Locnville, sometimes shortened as LCNVL, is a duo from the city known for their electro-hop music. It consists of identical twin brothers Andrew and Brian Chaplin, who formed the group in Cape Town in 2009.


Cape Town is not only unique when it comes to music, but also for its culture. The Zeitz MOCAA - Museum of Contemporary Art is a must-go if you are a fan of contemporary art, do not miss it. The Norval Foundation is also a place that displays modern African art and gives new artists a chance to show their work.

Even though the whole country's culinary scene is amazing, Cape Town also has its own charm. The food scene is lively and diverse, blending traditional Cape Malay dishes with modern fine dining that shows off the city's cosmopolitan vibe.

When it comes to music festivals and events the city has also some amazing ones that every one can enjoy. Afrikaburn is a yearly festival celebrating art and culture held in the Tankwa Karoo desert of South Africa. It's a gathering where people unite to experience something beyond themselves, forge new connections, and appreciate the natural beauty around them.


Cape Town's history is rich with tales of both victory and hardship, from its colonial beginnings to its crucial part in the anti-apartheid movement. The city's buildings, like the Castle of Good Hope and the Bo-Kaap area, showcase its varied cultural heritage and changing character. Influential figures such as Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, and Ahmed Kathrada hail from Cape Town, spearheading efforts for fairness and equality not only in South Africa but also worldwide.

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