Top 10 Halloween Music Selection For Your House Party - 2023

Well, once again it's Halloween, and once again brings to you a curated setlist mixing trending and old school songs, perfect for your Halloween House Party. Enjoy it!

At, we understand that Halloween equals party, and party equals music! That's why we've prepared a Top 10 music selection and setlist just for you. Your friends might even think you've been doing some side work as a DJ. Remember that this is a setlist with the top 10 songs that you must have at your Halloween party, but make sure to insert more songs. At the beginning we have some fast-tempo rap and trap, moving to some chill-out music, indie, and pop, and after that, blues rock, and rock, finishing with the top popular songs of the moment! That's how you will want your setlist. Well, let the music speak for itself!

Doja Cat - Paint The Town Red

After Lil Nas X's provocative performance in the 'Montero (Call Me by Your Name)' music video, Sam Smith and Kim Petras followed suit with their track 'Unholy,' incorporating explicit references to Beelzebub. Now, it's Doja Cat's turn to embrace the role of the 'Devil of the Moment.' In her latest single, 'Paint The Town Red,' Doja Cat cosplays as Lucifer in the music video and other appearances, garnering both attention and criticism. Regardless, her persona undeniably captures the Halloween spirit.

In the song, Doja Cat embraces her true self, disregarding the negativity from haters. The lyrics reflect her unshakable confidence, capturing the essence of just having a blast and enjoying life. And that's how we want to start your Halloween Party setlist.

Drake – IDGAF Feat. Yeat

Moving forward, on Drake's latest album 'For All The Dogs,' the track 'IDGAF' featuring rapper Yeat has caught everyone's attention. Despite the mixed reviews the album has been receiving online, 'IDGAF' stands out as a certified banger that complements the preceding song. Drake's collaboration with Yeat delivers a powerful musical punch and brings to the 'real mainstream' Yeat's alternative rap genre.

Jung Kook – 3D Feat. Jack Harlow

Jung Kook and Jimin from the K-pop group BTS, recently have been competing to determine who has had the most successful solo career. Jung Kook made waves with his single 'Seven,' which quickly climbed the charts, earning a spot on our Top 10 Worldwide Music Selection of September 2023. Now, his latest track '3D,' featuring Jack Harlow, has once again reached the charts, solidifying his position as the artist of the moment.

At this point of our playlist, we start to switch a little bit the focus, since your party already started with some 'aggressive intro' from Drake and Doja Cat, now we're looking for some chill vibes, and trust me, Jung Kook is professional in this.

The Kid Laroi – TOO MUCH Feat. Jung Kook, Central Cee

Continuing our setlist journey, we bring to you Jung Kook once again, but this time alongside the Australian sensation The Kid Laroi, known for his hit track 'STAY' featuring Justin Bieber, and Central Cee, one of the hottest UK drill stars of the moment, acclaimed for his song 'Doja Cat.'

This song marks the completion of our 'Entrance' segment on the setlist, transitioning from the energetic rap style of the initial songs to a more serene and slow tempo, ushering in a new phase of our setlist.

Michael Jackson – Thriller

So, at this point of your house party, everyone is already hyped up, having a great time, and listening to some great music, but YOU MUST BRING THE CLASSICS, you might even have someone screaming in the back "Hey, yo! Where are the classics?," everyone's waiting for it! Well, there's nothing much to explain here, Michael Jackson is a legend, and this song, is not only an anthem but is also an absolute essential in every Halloween setlist.

Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters

Skipping the introduction once more, the hit 'Ghostbusters' by Ray Parker Jr. has transcended decades and is, once again, an indispensable addition to every Halloween setlist.

Get ready to bust some ghosts on the dance floor!

Gin Wigmore – Kill Of The Night

Now we are gonna speed up things a little bit one more time, with the hit "Kill Of The Night" by Gin Wigmore. The song's essence, rooted in resilience and liberation from toxic relationships, resonates deeply with listeners, who often find parallels with their struggles and victories.

Musically speaking, the song will speed up our setlist once again, but this time with some blues rock and pop rock.

Metallica – Whiskey In The Jar

'Whiskey In The Jar' by Metallica is not necessarily spooky, but it contributes to the overall high-energy vibe of our setlist. Also, Metallica's rendition of the song brings a rock and heavy metal edge that can appeal to your house party attendees who enjoy heavier music genres, making it a suitable choice


Almost reaching the end of our setlist and we have the TikTok trending song 'AMERICAN HORROR SHOW' by SNOW WIFE, an upcoming singer from Houston, Texas. With a dash of sensual and sinister, dark pop and gothic, this is the perfect song for Halloween.

Olivia Rodrigo – get him back!

Last song, guys! Whether you are at a house party, in the club, or in a pub, every song is permitted on Halloween! So let's bring some old-school style of a new song by Olivia Rodrigo. 'Get Him Back!,' marks the third music video from Olivia's highly anticipated album, 'Guts.' This follows the success of her early singles, 'Vampire' and 'Bad Idea Right?,' alongside the live performance video for 'All-American Bitch.' The album, released last Friday, September 8th, stands as Olivia's second musical masterpiece, following her sensational debut, 'Sour,' in 2021.

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