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Song title
  1. Rise Of An Empire cover Trophies
  2. Encore #1

  3. For All The Dogs cover Virginia Beach
  4. Take Care cover Marvins Room
  5. More Life cover Teenage Fever
  6. Views cover Feel No Ways
  7. If You're Reading This It's Too Late cover Jungle
  8. Encore #2

  9. Thank Me Later cover Over
  10. Take Care cover Headlines
  11. Take Care cover The Motto
  12. Take Care cover HYFR (Hell Ya Fucking Right)
  13. Nothing Was The Same cover Started From the Bottom
  14. If You're Reading This It's Too Late cover Energy
  15. If You're Reading This It's Too Late cover Know Yourself
  16. Scorpion cover Nonstop
  17. For All The Dogs cover Daylight
  18. no cover MELTDOWN
  19. Astroworld cover SICKO MODE (Travis Scott cover)
  20. Laugh Now Cry Later cover Laugh Now Cry Later
  21. Scorpion cover God's Plan
  22. Views cover Childs Play
  23. Scorpion cover In My Feelings
  24. Scorpion cover Nice for What
  25. For All The Dogs cover Rich Baby Daddy
  26. Search & Rescue cover Search & Rescue
  27. Encore #3

  28. Views cover Controlla
  29. Thank Me Later cover Find Your Love
  30. Nothing Was The Same cover Hold On, We're Going Home
  31. More Life cover Passionfruit
  32. Views cover One Dance
  33. Anti cover Work (Rihanna cover)
  34. Views cover Hotline Bling
  35. For All The Dogs cover Gently
  36. Encore #4

  37. Cole World: The Sideline Story cover In the Morning (J. Cole cover)
  38. For All The Dogs cover First Person Shooter
  39. Certified Lover Boy cover Knife Talk
  40. Her Loss cover Rich Flex (Drake & 21 Savage cover)
  41. For All The Dogs cover IDGAF
  42. For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition cover You Broke My Heart
  43. Encore #5

  44. For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition cover Slime You Out

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