Trendy Artists of the Week: Billy Joel, Big Time Rush, Avril Lavigne, Simple Plan, Tan Taşçı, Backstreet Boys

We are back with a freshly picked batch of fresh music industry news, with all the most popular artists on our site this past week, coming from everywhere around the world, from the US and Canada to Turkey.
Billy Joel

Billy Joel Releases New Single for the First Time in 17 Years

American rock legend Billy Joel has not put out a new album since 1993. Since then, some Joel singles did “trickle down” from time to time - this is one of those rare times again. The Long Island-native musician last put out a new song in December 2007, with the title “Christmas in Fallujah”. Now, we only have to wait a few more days to hear his latest composition, “Turn the Lights Back On,” which comes out February 1st. And it seems our users are eagerly awaiting his new cut, as there was a major bump in traffic on his page this past week.

Big Time Rush’s Logan Henderson Gives Guest Lecture at Famous College

Logan Henderson, the lead singer of the pop/R&B boy band Big Time Rush got the chance to import some of the wisdom he acquired by having spent decades in the music industry to the new generation. He held a guest lecture for Penn State University students last Friday, January 20th. Reportedly, he stuck to talking about his own career, and how his fellow BTR bandmates feel like family to him after so many years. He also performed an acoustic concert for the crowd of enthusiastic college kids.

Avril Lavigne Tour Featuring Simple Plan Announced

Avril Lavigne, another major figure of the popular music of the 2000s, is also still active. She just announced that she is going on a “Greatest Hits Tour", starting on May 22nd in Vancouver, Canada this year. The Canadian rock band Simple Plan will be touring with her as well, as a supporting act. You’ll get to listen to all Lavigne’s biggest hits ever live once again, such as “Girlfriend”, “My Happy Ending”, and even “Sk8er Boi”.

Tan Taşçı Gives New Year’s Show at Acapulco Hotel in Cyprus

Turkish pop star Tan Taşçı has also hit the stage for a major concert recently. He gave a live show outside his home country, at the 5-star Acapulco Resort Convention SPA Hotel in Çatalköy, Cyprus on New Year’s Eve. This resort is located in the Northern part of Cyprus, which is a de facto sovereign state with a Turkish population, so the New Year’s Eve party wasn’t so foreign to Tan after all.

Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys to Headline Lovers & Friends Festival

The Lovers & Friends Festival will kick off on May 4th this year at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds in Winchester, Nevada. On the marquee as the headlining act is none other than the legendary boyband of the ‘90s, the Backstreet Boys themselves. Other major artists such as Usher, Janet Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, and Alicia Keys will also be performing there - it is an impressive line-up for sure!


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