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Top 10 most played songs by Usher in the last 40 concerts.

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Songs to be played live in the next setlist have been released on the following albums:

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Based on the average Setlist, Usher will be on stage for approx 1:04.
Here is the probable setlist based on previous concerts (11% probability):

Song title
  1. My Way cover My Way
  2. Confessions cover Caught Up
  3. 8701 cover U Don't Have to Call
  4. Here I Stand cover Love in This Club
  5. Confessions cover Confessions Part II
  6. My Way cover Nice & Slow
  7. Confessions cover Burn
  8. 8701 cover U Got It Bad
  9. Confessions cover Bad Girl
  10. Raymond V Raymond cover OMG
  11. Confessions cover Superstar

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42 Upcoming concerts, touring in the following countries: Canada, United States, etc.

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