Trendy Artists of the Week: STRAY KIDS, Thomas Helmig, Coldplay, Bring Me The Horizon, Cem Adrian

This is our last Trendy Artist article in 2022. Read what happened to the most popular musicians on our site at the tail end of this year. Also, we wish you a very happy and successful 2023.

STRAY KIDS’ Track “Deep End” Enters Top 10 on Billboard Chart

The K-pop boyband STRAY KIDS have recently put out their latest single, “Deep End (Felix)”. And it’s been going quite well for them, as it just entered the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart.

This is not to be confused with the Billboard Hot 100 chart, which tracks the sales (both physical and digital), streams, and radio plays of songs. This chart is tracing which songs are most talked about on social media sites, especially Twitter. And it seems that are many STRAY KIDS fans (aka “the Stay”) are sharing their opinion about the new track, as it climbed all the way to #2. Who is #1, you ask? It’s Indian playback singer K.S. Chitra, with her song “Soul of Varisu”.

Thomas Helmig Thanks Support After Loss of His Son Hugo

As we wrote in last week’s article, not all news can be happy about our trending artists. Danish pop rock singer Thomas Helmig’s son Hugo, who also made a name for himself in the music industry, sadly passed away last month. The cause of death was never revealed. However, the grieving father took to his social media to thank all who showed support in this difficult time.


Coldplay Doing Charity Work During Holiday Season

Yes, the music world doesn’t forget about those less fortunate, especially in the holiday season. The British rock band Coldplay is a good example of that. Its members auctioned off a guitar signed by all of them. It ended up going for £11,000, which was all donated to the Swell Church of England Primary School in Gloucestershire, UK to help fund their renovation and extension work.

And Chris Martin and the boys weren’t done there. They also set up a small brick-and-mortar, as well as an online shop branded as “Choose Love” where people can buy essentials for refugees in need, such as warm clothing, food, and heating oil.

Bring Me The Horizon Performs With Brazilian Drag Queen Pablo Vittar

In the meantime, another rock group out of the United Kingdom, Bring Me The Horizon, is on their “Post Human” tour. The last few stops were in South America. While they were performing in São Paulo, Brazil, they invited a famous local drag queen named Pabllo Vittar to join them on stage.

Cem Adrian Puts On Memorable Show in Istanbul

Turkish alt rock singer Cem Adrian released his 9th studio album earlier this year, back in March. “Gökyüzümün Yıldızları” did quite well, and the man has been doing popular live shows in Turkey since. His latest one took place at the İş Sanat Culture Center in Istanbul, Turkey, and his performance received high praise in the press afterwards.

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