Trendy Artists of the Week: Aventura, J Balvin, Slipknot, Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign, The Chainsmokers

Our weekly column is back, bringing industry news about the most popular music acts on our website this past seven days. Read about great a reunion, hot live shows, and brand new releases in this article.

Aventura Back Together Again After 3 Years

The New York City-based bachata band Aventura has been on the scene for 3 decades now - on and off. They were formed back in 1994, and were going non-stop until 2011. Since that year’s break-up, however, the band has only come together for short stints, last time in 2021. Throughout all that, the line-up has remained surprisingly consistent, with Anthony "Romeo" Santos leading the way as lead vocalist.

It was through his social media post that we found out that Aventura is back yet again. They are going on a worldwide “Cerrando Ciclos” tour in 2024, which they claim is their final tour together - we wouldn’t bet too much money on that, however…

J Balvin Concert at Coachella Features Surprise Will Smith Cameo

Coachella 2024 concluded last week. The iconic music festival has been taking place every year since 1999. Evidently, this year’s line-up also featured A-list celebrities from the music world, such as Colombian reggaeton singer J Balvin. And he’s got additional star power with him for his performance: world-famous actor-rapper-comedian Will Smith joined him on stage.


Who Is Slipknot’s New Drummer?

Drummer Jay Weinberg announced his departure from the legendary metal band Slipknot back in November 2023, after a decade of playing for them. The band is going on tour again this year, and they evidently need someone on the drums. They already played a warm-up set at the Pappy and Harriet’s barbecue restaurant in Pioneertown, California, with their new drummer - however, as we all know, Slipknot always performs in their signature masks.

So, the identity of their new percussionist is still anybody’s guess - and internet sleuths have been guessing very hard as well. Most people believe it’s Eloy Casagrande, a Brazilian musician formerly of the band Sepultura.

Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign Reveal Vultures 2 Release Date

Nobody counted on Kanye West’s continued success in the music industry - the man has been “canceled” harder than anyone ever in the world. Yet his album “Vultures,” released through his own label in collaboration with Ty Dolla $ing, became a massive hit, topping the Billboard 200 chart in the US. The hip hop stars are now following it up with a sequel: they announced “Vultures 2” is coming out on May 3rd.

The Chainsmokers Release Brand New Single “Friday”

The Chainsmokers, a staple of the 2010’s club culture, are back with a brand new release. The EDM group just put out “Friday,” featuring a Haitian-American artist named Fridayy as well. It’s linked below, take a listen if you feel like it.


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