Trendy Artists of the Week: Vasco Rossi, Hans Zimmer, Rammstein, Blackpink, BTS, Foo Fighters

This week's edition of the Trendy Artists column features two hot new releases (a remix and an original), a hot dating rumor from the K-pop world, and even a story about a luxury yacht!
Vasco Rossi

Vasco Rossi Awarded Rome’s Top Honor

Italian rock star and poet Vasco Rossi has been on top in the Italian music industry for nearly half a century now, since the late 1970’s. Now, his long and illustrious career has been recognized on the highest level outside the industry as well. Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri awarded the artist with the Lupa Capitolina, the city’s highest civilian honor. It is named after the famous ancient bronze statue of a wolf.

Rossi’s most memorable songs to date are “Albachiara”, his first big hit from 1979; as well as "Vita spericolata" (1983), the peculiarly titled “E…” (2004), and "Come nelle favole" (2016).

BMW Luxury Yacht Comes With Custom Hans Zimmer Soundtrack

It probably comes as a surprise to some of you that the famous German car company BMW is also in the business of manufacturing luxury yachts - they’re in that venture with a partnership with TYDE. What’s even more unusual is that for the rollout of their new electric model called “The Icon”, they hired famed film score composer Hans Zimmer to write custom music to be played on their built-in Dolby Atmos surround sound tech system. One of these boats would cost you about $13.5 million, by the way…

Rammstein Releases New Mix of Their Classic “Spiel Mit Mir”

While Rammstein hasn’t released any new songs so far this year (their latest one is “Adieu” from December 2022), but they did do the next best thing for their fans. They put out a new remix of their 1997 classic song “Spiel mit mir”. You can take a listen below.

Jennie From Blackpink and BTS’s V Hand Holding Fuels Dating Rumors

Here’s a piece of classic tabloid news for you: Jennie, singer-rapper from the widely successful K-pop girl group Blackpink, was spotted walking while holding hands with V, singer from the widely successful K-pop boy group BTS, in Paris, France. The paparazzi footage was first shared on TikTok, and has amassed nearly 700,000 views in a day. Evidently, rumors of the two dating each other flared up like crazy in the K-pop “stan” culture.

Foo Fighters Releases New Song “Under You”

We also have a brand new original composition for you as well in this article, not just a Rammstein remix. This from Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters, who put out a hot new rough rock cut off of their freshly announced new album "But Here We Are". Sadly, this is directly inspired by the sudden passing of their former drummer Taylor Hawkins.

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