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  1. Wherever you are
  2. Stand Out Fit In
  3. The Beginning


  1. Gravity (feat. Laura Korinth) - Edit
  2. Purple Noise
  3. House Music (feat. Arctic Lake) (feat. Arctic Lake) - Edit
Boris Brejcha Photo

Boris Brejcha

  1. Leave Before You Love Me (with Jonas Brothers)
  2. Sucker
  3. Waffle House
Jonas Brothers Photo

Jonas Brothers

  1. 3:15 (Breathe)
  2. What They Want
  3. That's My Girl
Russ Photo


  1. Pull Me Under
  2. Another Day
  3. Panic Attack - 2009 Remaster
Dream Theater Photo

Dream Theater

  1. Monsoon
  2. Durch den Monsun - Radio Mix
  3. Fahr mit mir (4x4) (feat. Tokio Hotel)
Tokio Hotel Photo

Tokio Hotel

  1. FourFiveSeconds
  2. Band On The Run - 2010 Remaster
  3. Live And Let Die - Live
Paul McCartney Photo

Paul McCartney

  1. FourFiveSeconds
  2. Band On The Run - 2010 Remaster
  3. Live And Let Die - Live
Paul McCartney Photo

Paul McCartney

  1. Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Clairo)
  2. Calling After Me
  3. Remember When
Wallows Photo


  1. Hall of Fame (feat. will.i.am)
  2. The Man Who Can't Be Moved
  3. Breakeven
The Script Photo

The Script

  1. Tropicana (Morena Tropicana)
  2. La Belle De Jour
  3. Anunciação
Alceu Valença Photo

Alceu Valença

  1. I Don't Wanna Wait
  2. I'm Good (Blue)
  3. Baby Don't Hurt Me
David Guetta Photo

David Guetta

  1. we fell in love in october
  2. i wanna be your girlfriend
  3. You Need Me Now? (feat. Sabrina Carpenter)
Girl In Red Photo

Girl In Red

  1. I Don't Care
  2. Not Strong Enough
  3. I Don't Care - US Version
Apocalyptica Photo


  1. Army of the Night
  2. Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend
  3. We Drink Your Blood
Powerwolf Photo


  1. Whatever
  2. It Ain't Me (with Selena Gomez)
  3. Higher Love
Kygo Photo


  1. The Heart from Your Hate
  2. Until the World Goes Cold
  3. In Waves
Trivium Photo


  1. Ella Y Yo - Featuring Don Omar
  2. Dile al Amor
  3. El Perdedor
Aventura Photo


  1. Only for the Weak
  2. Meet Your Maker
  3. The Jester's Dance
In Flames Photo

In Flames

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About Paris


Paris has many opera houses which are heavily attended year-round. The most famous ones are Opéra National de Paris (built-in 1669), the Paris Opera Ballet, and the Palais Garnier. Classical music overall is popular among Parisians. However, so are modern popular genres, including hip-hop and pop. Famous French rappers from there include Rim'K, Lomepal, and Rockin' Squat. As for pop singers, they’ve got Françoise Hardy and Jean-Jacques Goldman.

World-famous actress Brigitte Bardot was also born in Paris. She put out a number of albums as well. Édith Piaf is one of the most famous French singers of all time, she also hails from the capital. She helped re-popularize the classic French music genre known as chanson with her songs.

Paris still has many active jazz clubs. The biggest music festivals in the city are Lollapalooza Paris, which usually takes place in the middle of summer every year, as well as the Garorock Festival and the Download Festival Paris.


Paris is famous for its museums. The Louvre stands out among them all, with such pieces as the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo being constantly on exhibition there. Spanish painter Pablo Picasso and French sculptor Auguste Rodin have their own dedicated museums in the city. Other famous Parisian museums are the Musée d'Orsay and Musée de l'Orangerie.

The cabaret Moulin Rouge is famous around the world, with very unique entertainment. Disney World Paris is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Europe. However, when someone thinks of Paris, they most likely associate the city with two buildings. The Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 World’s Fair. The cathedral Notre-Dame completed construction in 1365. Sadly, it suffered a major fire in 2019, renovation works are still ongoing.


The Paris area was first settled back in 259 BC, by the Celtic tribe Parisii, hence the name. The Roman Empire conquered the land in the 1st Century BC. during which time it was known as “Lutetia”. It was renamed Paris and was made the capital of the French Kingdom in 987 AD. Today, Paris is one of the world’s most famous cities. It has 2.160 million residents and is the capital of the French Fifth Republic.

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