Trendy Artists of the Week: Bruno Mars, 50 Cent, The Cure, Backstreet Boys, Sagopa Kajmer

This is what the trending artists on our website have been up to lately. Read and learn about the latest releases and drama.
Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars Withdraws His Duo Silk Sonic From Grammy Considerations

Bruno Mars is a jack of many traits. He can play the drums, piano, keyboard, bass, ukulele, and even the congas. He’s put out hits in many different genres as well, including pop, R&B, soul, funk, and reggae. And, on top of being an ultra-successful solo performer, he is also part of the R&B duo Silk Sonic, along with his friend Anderson .Paak.

However, that dynamic duo won’t be nominated for a Grammy this year. Not because their music fell short, rather, they decided to withdraw their 2021 album, “An Evening With Silk Sonic”, from consideration for the 2023 Grammy Awards. Why? Simply put, Mars and Paak feel they already received enough accolades for their work. Their 2021 single off of their new record, “‘Leave The Door Open”, already won 4 Grammy Awards per se last year. Important to note: in order for a song, artist, or album to get nominated for a Grammy, they have to be formally submitted to the foundation.

50 Cent’s Estranged Son Offers Him $6,700 to Reconnect

Rapper 50 Cent had an awkward week on Instagram. First, his estranged son, 25-year-old Marquise Jackson, caught some flack on the platform for claiming that the $6,700 per month his rapper dad used to pay his mom was just simply not enough to properly raise him - evidently, many people couldn’t quite agree with that assessment. In response, Jackson shot back, saying that he’d gladly pay his dad $6,700 just so he could spend 24 hours with the man. “Fiddy” is yet to respond to the awkward online family drama.

The Cure Releases New Song “And Nothing is Forever”

English rock band The Cure has been on the music scene since the late 1970’s, and they are putting out new music to this day. The latest addition to their catalog is “And Nothing is Forever”, a long romantic ballad. They debuted it live in Stockholm, Sweden at the Avicii Arena last week. Take a listen below.

Christmas-Themed New Backstreet Boys Album is Out

Backstreet Boys

The legendary Floridian pop band Backstreet Boys also have a new release for their fans, and it’s a whole studio album. Bringing the holiday spirits early, the record is titled “A Very Backstreet Christmas”. It’s the tenth album in their discography, but the first one to have a holiday theme. Originally, it was supposed to come out last year, but the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic pushed back the release date. This one features some of the evergreen classics, performed by the boy band, such as “O Holy Night”, the Frank Sinatra classic ”Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, and “Silent Night”.

Sagopa Kajmer Gives Concert in Bursa

Sagopa Kajmer, one of Turkey’s biggest hip hop stars, gave a concert earlier this month at the Kulturpark Open Air Stage in Bursa, Turkey. The show went down in a jovial atmosphere. Even a little child, who came to the rap show with his parents, joined Kajmer on stage to sing a little duet with the famed artist.

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