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Sagopa Kajmer Biography

Yunus Özyavuz, better known by his stage name Sagopa Kajmer, is a Turkish rapper, songwriter, music producer, and DJ. He was born in 1978 in Samsun, Turkey. According to the man himself, he developed a serious interest in music as a child while listening to the African music of his father and the Italian music of his mother. After high school, he started working as a DJ for local radio stations, under the name “Dj Rapper M.C”. However, he didn’t give up his education either, eventually earning a degree in Persian language and literature from Istanbul University.

Kajmer founded the rap group "Kuvvetmira", along with such hip hop artists as Ayben, Ceza, Fuat Ergin, and many more. At the time, Kajmer was known as “Silahsız Kuvve” (“Unarmed Force”). In 1999, Kajmer was featured on the rap compilation album “Yeraltı Operasyonu” (“Underground Operation”). His new group put out their first album “Toplama Kampı” (which sinisterly translates to “Concentration Camp” in English) in 2000. The same year, Kajmer also released his debut EP as a solo artist, “Pesimist EP 1” (“Pessimist EP”).

The Turkish rap star decided to ditch his old stage name and permanently go with “Sagopa Kajmer” after the release of his third, now officially self-titled album “Sagopa Kajmer” in July 2002. As for the origin of his name, he has claimed it’s based on a pyramid in Egypt, the Sagopa pyramid, while Kajmer is its supposed finder of said pyramid. However, no such pyramid is known to Egyptologists. Later, Kajmer changed his answer to “Sago” being a tree in Thailand, while “Kajmer” meaning troubled child in an unspecified language.

Kajmer has put out a total of 8 studio albums as a solo artist. On top of the ones he did with his rap collective, he produced an additional two records as a collaboration with Turkish rapper-singer Cholera. The latest new Sagopa Kajmer album is from June 2022, with the title “Kağıt Kesikleri” (“Paper Cuts”).

The Turkish rapper’s biggest hits to date are “Galiba” (“I guess”, 2011), “366.Gün” (“Day 366”, 2017), “Sertlik Kanında Var Hayatın” (“Hardness Is In Your Blood”, also 2017), and “Avutsun Bahaneler” (“Congratulations Excuses”, 2019). Check where the next Sagopa Kajmer concert is playing near you on our page above.

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