Top10 Worldwide Music Selection From Concerty - May 2024

Summer's here already, but before we can enjoy our 2024 bona fide summer hits, let's take a look at what has been popular in different parts of the world in the last spring month of the year.

FloyyMenor - Gata Only (CHILE)

One of the biggest hits on Spotify’s global charts came from an unexpected artist: an 18-year-old Chilean boy going by the stage name FloyyMenor. With all due respect to the musical talent, he doesn’t exactly have “rock star looks” either: he has an unassuming, boyish face and he is overweight. However, that didn’t stop him from putting out a banger, “Gata Only," which even got onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US.

FloyyMenor starred in the Chilean local club scene, then moved to Europe for better career opportunities in music. It seems to have worked out for him so far.

Billie Eilish - LUNCH (PORTUGAL)

American pop superstar Billie Eilish was not the most prolific artist out there in terms of new music last year. He put out exactly one single in 2023, “What Was I Made For?” for the Barbie movie soundtrack. However, that single won Song of the Year at the 2024 Grammys.

Evidently, the “bad guy” star wasn’t sitting idly by all last year - she was working on her new album, the third one in her discography. “Hit Me Soft and Hard,” as expected, became a massive success, reaching #2 on Billboard 200, only behind the “invincible” Taylor Swift’s “The Tortured Poets Department”. Multiple singles off of the new Billie Eilish record became a hit in many parts of the world, such “LUNCH,” which was popular among Portuguese Spotify listeners all last month.

Kubi Producent - Woda Księżycowa feat. stickxr, Bambi, Fukaj (POLAND)

Meanwhile in another European country, Poland, local hip hop and EDM producer Kubi Producent just put out a new epic, winsome rap song, featuring a whole slew of big names from the Polish hip hop scene.

Creepy Nuts - Bling-Bang-Bang-Born (JAPAN)

The Japanese hip hop duo Creepy Nuts has been on the scene since 2023, and secured their first major-label contract in 2017. They had been a mid-sized act in their country - up until January 2024, when they caught a big break. Their single “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” was featured as the theme song anime series "Mashle: Magic and Muscles", propelling it near the top of the charts in their home country of Japan, where it has stayed since its January release.


Next up, we have one funky R&B track for you from up-and-coming artist Tommy Richman hailing from Woodbridge, Virginia. It is an instantly recognizable tune, just from that bouncy bassline alone. Richman too comes through with a vocal performance on the track that is sometimes crispy in his head voice, sometimes smooth and laid-back in his normal register. This new release has been popular not just in the US, where it hit #3 on the Billboard Hot 100, but in many European countries as well, even the small, nordic island nation of Iceland.

Reynmen - Renklensin (TURKEY)

Youtuber-turned-singer Reynmen out of Istanbul, Turkey has been quite busy lately, putting out his third single third this year already, despite it only being May. However, it is the first one from 2024, “Rennklensin,” which seems to have the most staying power, since it remained popular among Turkish music fans all last month.

Sara Siipola - Joustaan feat. Sexmane (FINLAND)

Let’s take a look at what’s been popular back up North, in Finland. One of the local artists who’s had a recent hit there is none other than pop singer Sara Siipola, who just released her new single “Joustaan,” featuring fellow Finnish singer Sexmane.

Young Miko - offline feat. Feid (EL SALVADOR)

Puerto Rican singer-rapper Young Miko started out as a promising female football talent, even making it to the U20 national team of Puerto Rico, while also working as a tattoo artist. However, for reasons she has not talked about, she decided to focus on a career in another glamorous field, music instead. She started by uploading her music to SoundCloud in 2019. She then eventually got discovered by local DJ Caleb Calloway in 2021.

This track is off of her debut album, “Att.,” which came out last month. “Offline” also features Colombian Latin urbano superstar Feid, the most commonly listed artist in this monthly column of ours. Their collab has been a hit all around Latin America, including El Salvador.


Up next, we have someone who has been through a less dramatic career shift. Lbenj out of the North African country of Morocco started out as a rapper, then turned to pop instead. He also put out a winner last month. “HWASI” was charting high all May on Spotify among his local music fans. The track is linked below, you check it out for yourself.

5miinust - (nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me feat. Puuluup (ESTONIA)

We have our very first Estonian entrants in our monthly column, brought to you by the musical stylings of the hip hop group 5miinust and folk singer Puuluup. If you are wondering what that unusually lengthy song title means, it translates to English as “We Don't Know About (These) Drugs”.


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