Top10 Worldwide Music Selection From Concerty - January 2024

Let's take a collective look at what songs have been popular in different parts of the world in the beginning of the new year - we have quite a few familiar old names our little the list.

Feid - LUNA feat. ATL Jacob (COLOMBIA)

Colombian Latin urbano and pop singer Feid is a frequent feature in these articles on our site. So far, he has appeared in a total of 4 Concerty Top10 Worldwide lists (most recently in last October, with his feature on the Bad Bunny single “Perro Negro”), and in one Trendy Artists article as well.

This time, it is his own single that put him on our list, “LUNA”, which came out in December 2023 but still continues to be popular among Spotify listeners in his home country of Colombia (and in other Latin American countries as well). The guest artist on this track is ATL Jacob, a hip hop producer out of the United States, who produced the catchy beat for the cut.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Murder on the Dancefloor (BELGIUM)

If we pointed out that a song released a couple months ago is still trending high, what should we say about this one? British singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s dance pop anthem “Murder on the Dancefloor” is old enough to drink in the US, having come out over 22 years ago, in December 2001. However, after being included on the soundtrack for the 2023 comedy-thriller movie "Saltburn", it took on a “second life”, and it’s nearing the top of the charts again - not just in the UK, but also in other parts of Europe as well, such as Belgium.

Xavi - La Diabla (SPAIN)

Xavi (not the FC Barcelona football legend who recently resigned from as head coach at the club) is an up-and-coming Mexican-American singer and songwriter hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. He is new to the “main stage” of the music world, having put out his first two hits last year, "La Víctima" and "La Diabla", both of which got big on the social media site TikTok. The latter of the two is still charting high in many parts of the world, including Spain, hence it is included in our list.

Luan Santana - Deja Vu feat. Ana Castela (BRAZIL)

We’ve got more Latin music for you, this time from Brazil. There, sertaneja (essentially, Brazilian country music) singer Luan Santana hit it big with his new track “Deja Vu”,, featuring the young, hot new country star from the South American country, known for donning her signature cowboy hats, Ana Castela herself.


Meanwhile in Asia, in the Philippines to be precise, fans of the local R&B star Arthur Nery could rejoice for the success of his new track “TAKE ALL THE LOVE”. It’s a smooth, soulful track with airy vocals by Nery, linked below for your listening pleasure.

PiXXiE - ติดฝน (Rain) (THAILAND)

From the Philippines, let’s hop over to Thailand, where one of the biggest pop girl groups currently is PiXXiE, who have been going strong since 2021. In aesthetics, they are very much in the style of the biggest K-pop girl groups out there, such as BLACKPINK or TWICE. Musically, however, this song is doing less to cater to European and American audiences than typical of K-pop groups - you can take a listen below and judge if you agree with that assessment.

Bad Bunny - MONACO (Dominican Republic)

Most likely we don’t have to introduce Bad Bunny to you, the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer has been killing it for over half a decade now. This lengthy track of his, “MONACO”, is off of his latest studio album, “Badie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana”, released in October 2023. Watch out for the music video, which features none other than acting legend Al Pacino.

Viktor Sheen - DOPAMIN (Czech Republic)

Kazakh-born Czech rapper Viktor Sheen really hit it big in 2021, when his hit song “Rozdělený světy” (meaning “Divided Worlds” in English) propelled him to be the #1 most streamed Czech artist on Spotify. And he has not come down since, with his new release “DOPAMIN”, off his new record “Planeta opic”, is also ranking high on the Spotify charts.

The Weeknd - One Of the Girls feat. JENNIE, Lily-Rose Depp (KAZAKHSTAN)

Since we just heard from a Kazakh-born artist making it big in the Czechia, let’s also check what music has been popular in Kazakhstan as well. It’s not a local artist, rather, Canadian R&B superstar The Weeknd, who also had his HBO series “The Idol” co-star Lily-Rose Depp, as well as Jennie from the aforementioned BLACKPINK, featured on the track.

Kali Uchis - Igual Que Un Ángel feat. Peso Pluma (MEXICO)

We started this list with a recurring Latin musician in our selection, let’s finish with one as well. This is the 5th time Regional Mexican singer Peso Pluma makes the cut for our Top10 Concerty Worldwide music selection, beating out Feid with his 4 appearances. This time, he was a featured artist on American R&B singer Kali Uchis’ Spanish-language hit single, “Igual Que Un Ángel” (meaning “Just Like an Angel” in English), which has been really popular in Mexico lately. It’s linked below - enjoy!


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