Top10 Worldwide Music Selection From Concerty - April 2024

Another month has passed, so we've got another Concerty Worldwide list for you, bringing you the hottest tracks from every corner of the world.

RVSSIAN - Santa feat. Rauw Alejandro, Ayra Starr (JAMAICA)

Some people may not realize the impact the Caribbean island nation of Jamaica had on the world of music. Not just with the obvious answer, reggae, but also Jamaican dancehall music, which was the biggest early influence on early hip hop.

And Jamaica still has some music talent, evidently, such as singer-music producer RVSSIAN, who is carrying on the tradition of Jamaican dancehall music. His latest single, “Santa,” has been trending high on Spotify’s global chart since it came out last month. It also features Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Rauw Alejandro and Nigerian R&B singer Ayra Starr.

Feid - LUNA feat. ATL Jacob (COLOMBIA)

Feid is one of the commonly featured artists in our Concerty Worldwide Music Selection column. The Latin urbano singer hailing from Medellín, Colombia just keeps putting out hit after hit - this is his 5th feature on our monthly list! This time, he comes with his single “LUNA,” which was released in December 2023, but continues to be popular among Colombian Spotify users. It’s an pleasing, sensual reggaeton track, linked below for your listening pleasure.

Ayliva - Wunder feat. Apache 207 (GERMANY)

Ayliva is one of the more recent artists to hit the music spotlight in Germany, having released her first hit singles in 2021, and her debut album “Weißes Herz” in 2022. She teamed up with local rapper Apache 207, almost a veteran on the music scene compared to her. Their new release “Wunder” was charting high on the German charts all April.

Sabrina Carpenter - Espresso (IRELAND)

American pop singer Sabrina Carpenter just put out a brand new hit which Pitchfork Magazine prematurely calls to be most likely contender for the song of the summer - in April. It is definitely a fun, upbeat, catchy nu-disco track. What stuck with the Pitchfork reviewer the most, however, was the querky lyrics, with lines such as “That’s that me espresso” or “I Mountain Dew it for ya?”. To be fair, those words are quite hard to make out because of the breathy vocal performance and the loud instrumental. But, we are not arguing that this isn’t a good summer track.

Sarettii - HEMSK feat. Asme (SWEDEN)

Let’s go up North for a bit, and see what people have been listening to in Sweden. The answer is "HEMSK", a brand new release by local rappers Saretti and Asme.

V - Love Me Again (THAILAND)

We should get used to it by now that the solo projects of BTS members are a lot more likely to end up on our list than any single by the band itself. That is mostly due to the fact BTS has really toned down their production, having released their last single in June 2023. However, since then, we've been regularly having songs featured here by Jimin, Jungkook, and now, V. The South Korean pop/R&B singer just put out his solo cut “Love Me Again,” which was very popular across all Asia, including Thailand.

Tzana Uraganu - Vorba Francezului feat. Sheik (ROMANIA)

We’ve got some pop folk out of Romania for you, brought to you by the musical stylings of Tzana Uraganu. The song is “Vorba Francezului,” another fresh release from April, and, of course, another local hit to jam to. This is a fun, quirky one.

Taylor Swift - Fortnight feat. Post Malone (AUSTRALIA)

It is anyone’s guess for how long Taylor Swift’s dominance of the global music industry will go on. However, as of now, if Swift puts out a new single, it is bound to go #1 on the charts. This happened with her latest release “Fortnight” as well, one of the many songs about a relationship gone wrong in Swift’s discography, which hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US, and was also the most streamed song in Australia on Spotify last week.

TitoM - Tshwaia Bam feat. S.N.E., EeQue (SOUTH AFRICA)

Up next from Africa, we’ve got up-and-coming DJ and music producer TitoM for you, hailing from Pretoria, South Africa. His new hit track is “Tshwaia Bam”. It has a whole slew of local artists featured as well, namely Yuppe, S.N.E, and EeQue.

Saiko - BADGYAL feat. JC Reyes, Dei V (SPAIN)

And to close it off, we have another young artist on our list, 21-year-old Spanish pop singer Saiko. He started putting out music with his brother as a teenager, then went solo in 2020. In 2021, he got his first solo hit “COSAS QUE NO TE DIJE,” and he’s been reliably dropping popular songs ever since. His latest release, the hard hitting electronic reggaeton track “BADGYAL” was a hit in his home country of Spain yet again.


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