Trendy Artists of the Week: Negramaro, Dawid Podsiadło, Big Time Rush, Nickelback, Nicki Minaj

This week's Trendy Artists column features two local heroes, one from Italy and one from Poland; as well as international hip hop star Nicki Minaj from Trinidad and Tobago. Read the article to learn what has been going on with them and more.

Negramaro Prepares for Nationwide Tour in Italy

The Italian pop band Negramaro is going on tour. There are some impressive venues to fill on their list of stops, some of which sound very familiar even to football fans as well, such as the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in Naples or the San Siro in Milan. The band is also stopping by in cities such as Bari, Udine, and Lecce as well.

Giuliano Sangiorgi and his mates are bringing their classic greatest hits with them, as well as their new songs, such their brand new hit “Luna piena,” released earlier this year.

Dawid Podsiadło Set to Take Stage in Wrocław for Major Live Show

Meanwhile, another local star is about to perform another major concert in another European country. Dawid Podsiadło, winner of the 2012 X Factor reality-talent show in Poland, is set to take the stage in Wrocław, Poland on June 8th. The venue will be Tarczyński Arena Wrocław, which can hold up to 45,000 people.

Big Time Rush New Single “Only One”

Big Time Rush got their start on their own Nickelodeon show back in 2009. Despite a 7-year hiatus between 2014 and 2021, the boyband is still going hard, putting out new music and going on tour. Last year, they even put out a full-length studio album, their first one since 2013. And the boys aren’t stopping just yet. Their latest single, which came out just a few days ago, is titled “Only One”. It’s linked below, take a listen if you like.

National Music Centre of Canada Celebrates Achievements of Nickelback

The Canadian rock band Nickelback does not have the greatest reputation on the internet. However, they are still a highly successful musical act, having sold over 50 million albums over the years.

And their fellow Canucks at the National Music Centre in Calgary, Canada appreciate that. So, to show that, they decided to host an event celebrating them. The event featured a Q&A session with the audience, as well as, evidently, a live performance by the band. Nickelback was also inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame last year.

Nicki Minaj's Amsterdam Return Canceled After Arrest

Rapper Nicki Minaj decided to cancel her Amsterdam show scheduled for June 2nd. While the Netherlands is known in popular culture everywhere for its lax drug laws, yet the local police arrested Minaj at the airport for having “dozens of joints in her luggage” as per the official statement. The unfortunate incident caused the hip hop star to call off her show.


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