Trendy Artists of the Week: Megadeth, Cosmo, Sarah Brightman, Taylor Swift, Tate McRae

The trendiest of artists are back, with - as usual- news of sold-out shows, hot new releases, and this time, even a starring role in a musical at the world-famous Sydney Opera House.

Megadeth Plays “Devil’s Island” For the First Time in Two Years in Peru

Megadeth is known for being reluctant to pull out some of their classic hits at live shows. Their 1986 “Devil’s Island,” for example, hadn’t been performed by them at a live show since May 2022 at Rockstock in Stockport, UK. Also, they only played that famous song of theirs on two other occasions in an entire decade: once in London, UK in 2017 and once in India in 2014.

However, they decided to be real generous and bless the crowd at their concert in Lima, Peru, kicking off the South American leg of their “Crush the World Tour,” and play their iconic tune from their 1986 album “Peace Sells… but Who’s Buying?” once again. They repeated their performance in Buenos Aires, Argentina just a few days later.

Cosmo Does Sold-Out Show in Bologna

Evidently, Megadeth isn’t the only major act on a successful tour right now. Italian pop singer Cosmo is also hitting the road right now. On April 8th, he gave an enthusiastic performance in front of a packed house at the Estragon in Bologna, Italy.

Behind the Scenes Footage Shared of Sunset Boulevard Starring Sarah Brightman

It’s not often that we have an opera singer on our Trendy Artists list. However, English soprano Sarah Brightman’s page on our site has received a lot of traffic this past week.

She is currently in Sydney, Australia, preparing for a production of the 1993 musical Sunset Boulevard by Andrew Lloyd Webber at the world-famous opera house next month. Some behind the scenes footage has been shared by the musical’s official YouTube channel as well.

Taylor Swift Songs Available on TikTok Again

Swifties can breathe a sigh of relief. Universal Music Group, the distributor of Taylor Swift’s music, has reconciled its dispute over royalty payments with the social media site, and thus her catalog of songs is back on the platform. This came in anticipation of the release of Swift’s new album “The Tortured Poets Department,” coming out on April 19th. Her last album “Midnights” was an enormous hit, which stayed on top of the Billboard 200 chart for 11 weeks after its release; and is still charting high (currently at #14) after over a year.

Tate McRae Talks “Think Later” Tour Preparation

Canadian pop star Tate McRae is kicking off her “Think Later” tour in Dublin, Ireland in just a few days. On that occasion, she sat down with Cosmopolitan Magazine for an interview.

“I make music for myself. It is extremely therapeutic for me. The one thing that will get me through the year is my ability to find perspective in life through writing,” she told Cosmopolitan about her attitude towards the writing process. As for life on the road, McRae said:

“I feel like getting a routine down for tour is one of the most difficult things ever. You can definitely go down a slippery slope if you don't pay attention to your health when you're on tour, because you're gone for literally so long and you're by yourself.”

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