Trendy Artists of the Week: Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Ultimo, Marcus & Martinus, Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth

Is Taylor Swift getting in another quasi-feud with another pop superstar in this week's Trendy Artists article as well? We also have two sports-related music news items for you as well, we hope you enjoy them all.

Billie Eilish

Is There a Feud Between Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift?

Some eager “Swifties,” fans of Taylor Swift, have taken a little remark by fellow American pop superstar Billie Eilish perhaps too harshly. While promoting her brand new album “Hit Me Hard and Soft,” she said in an interview that she would not think to perform the album’s entire tracklist at a live show, because that would be over 3 hours, way too long for a concert. However, Swift’s shows in the record-setting Eras Tour have been running for more than three and a half hours usually. Previously, Eilish also talked about some unspecified stars who are - in her opinion - not eco-friendly enough, which some also interpreted as a jab at Swift, known for her frequent use of her private jet.

Does this qualify as a bona fide “beef”? We’re not so sure. It seems people online are very gung ho to see Taylor Swift fight with other female pop superstars, as we’ve had a similar story with her and Olivia Rodrigo in another Trendy Artist article.

Ultimo Meets With His Huge Fan, F1 Driver Charles Leclerc

After competing in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and coming in 3rd back in March, Monacan Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc had another great experience waiting for him. After the award ceremony, he got to meet his favorite singer, who - as we learnt from his Instagram post - is none other than Italian pop singer Ultimo.

Why Did Norwegian Pop Duo Marcus & Martinus Represent Sweden at Eurovision?

Marcus & Martinus

The twin pop duo Marcus & Martinus were born on February 21st, 2002 in Elverum, Norway. Given that the Swedes and Norwegians tend to have some animosity towards each other, it raises the question why the two competed in the 2024 Eurovision song contest under the Swedish flag with their single “Unforgettable”. The answer, as given by the duo themselves in an interview for, is not that complex. They simply decided to enter Melodifestivalen, the Swedish qualification contest for Eurovision, because it has a bigger audience than the Norwegian one.

Ed Sheeran Spotted at Celtics Game in Boston

We have another story mixing music and sports for you this week. Ed Sheeran is known to be a fan of the English soccer club Ipswich Town, who recently got promoted to the Premier League, after being relegated from the top division all the way back in 2002. As a British guy, Sheeran is expected to be a fan of European football. However, it seems he also enjoys a bit of basketball from time to time as well, as he was spotted at an NBA playoff game between the Boston Celtics and the Indiana Pacers in Boston, Massachusetts this Friday. He brought enough luck for the home team, as they won the game 126-110.

Charlie Puth Drops New Single “Hero”

American pop/R&B singer Charlie Puth, perhaps best known for his feature on the 2015 hit Wiz Khalifa track “See You Again,” has just put out a brand new single of his own. It’s titled “Hero,” and it’s linked below for your listening pleasure.


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