Top10 Worldwide Music Selection From Concerty - February 2023

With quite a few bangers already out for 2023, let's take a look at what songs were popular in which parts of the world in February. Here's our list, for your listening pleasure.

Udo Lindenberg feat. Apache 207 - Komet (GERMANY)

Let’s kick off our list in Germany, where Udo Lindenberg’s new hit “Komet” has been trending high all month. It starts off as a nice, slow pop tune with blues-like vocals by Lindenberg on top. Once the beat drops and chorus kicks in, it’s a lot more like a classic Europop dance bop from the late 1990’s or early 2000’s.

You can listen to it below, but you might be distracted by the high-production music video with an odd story line about a trial.

Coi Leray - Players (AUSTRALIA)

Young american hip hop star Coi Leray dominated down under in Australia. Her new single “Players” was very well received there. This one’s an R&B cut that heavily samples the 1982 classic hit by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, “The Message”. And “the message” of Leray’s new song is quite on the nose throughout: she wants you to know that “girls is (not are, for some reason) players too”. She is definitely a testiment to that.

Official Hige Dandism - ホワイトノイズ (JAPAN)

Official Hige Dandism had to wait a good six years after their foundation to even make it into the Japanese Oricon charts. This is not what is a typical career progression for music acts in Asia these days - typically, teenage artists are getting put together by major corporations over there, with a huge budget and professional planning behind them from their conception.

But it was worth the wait for this band, as they’ve been going strong for a number of years now. There new song, “ホワイトノイズ” (meaning “White Noise” in English) has also become a hit in their home country of Japan.

SZA - Kill Bill (ISRAEL)

Apart from Coi Leray, another popular American artist, SZA, has also had a song trend high internationally past month. Spotify users from Israel also enjoyed this cut a lot all February, even though it was released in January. It borrows its title from the 2003 movie by Quentin Tarantino.

As for the song itself, it’s a mix of R&B and pop, more specifically, psych pop and doo-wop with a groovy rhythm and smooth, pleasant vocals by SZA. It’s linked below for your listening pleasure, please enjoy.

Natanael Cano - AMG feat. Peso Pluma & Gabito Ballesteros (MEXICO)

Young local rap talent Natanael Cano was among the winners in Mexico last month. The 21-year-old artist put out this single last year, and is still charting high in his home country. “AMG” also features Peso Pluma from Puerto Rico, another promising hip hop talent from Latin America; as well as great Regional Mexican musician Gabito Ballesteros.

Tzanga Uraganu - Havana (ROMANIA)

We’ve seen a song borrowing the title of a classic movie earlier on this list. However, Romanian pop-folk singer Tzanga Uraganu decided to go with the title of a recent hit song. Just like Camila Cabello in 2018, he named his single “Havana”. Whether this contributed to the song’s success is unclear; however, what is clear is that it’s been popular with Romanian Spotify listeners for many months now - this one was originally released in the summer of 2022…

Big One - En La Intimidad feat. Emilia Mermes & Callejero Fino (ARGENTINA)

Meanwhile in South America, Argentine EDM producer Big One hit big with his recent single “En La Intimidad”, which features vocals from fellow Argenitian singer, actress, and model Emilia Mernes, as well as Spanish rapper Callejero Fino.

Boef - Herinnering feat. Lil Kleine, $hirak (NETHERLANDS)

Dutch rapper and vlogger Boef just released his brand new album, “ Luxeprobleem”, the third one in his discography. It ended up climbing to #1 on the Dutch Top 100 album charts, while also reaching the #3 spot in Belgium. This track, featuring Lil Kleinea and produced by $hirak, is off of his latest hit record.

EggPlantEgg - 閣愛妳一擺 (TAIWAN)

Just like the Japanese Official Hige Dandism mentioned above, the Taiwanese indie rock group EggPlantEgg also had to wait quite a bit before making it in the music industry. They were founded in 2012, and didn't even put out their debut album until 2017. They have released only one more album since, in 2019, but they do have a very impressive 800,000 monthly listeners on Spotify with plenty of hits. “ 閣愛妳一擺” (“Love You One More Time”) is just one of the many.

Shakira - Bzrp Music Sessions feat. Bizarrap (ECUADOR) 

Shakira has been a lot in the tabloid news lately because of her recent break-up with her Spanish soccer star ex lover Piqué. However, that evidently does not mean that she gave up on her music career. In fact, she just put a new hit out. The Colombian pop superstar teamed up with the popular DJ from Argentina, Bizarrap.

Their collab became popular all around the world, amassing over 400 million views on YouTube. It was especially big in South America, among many other countries, Ecuador.

Please make sure to listen through our Spotify playlist we made of these songs. Hopefully, you'll find a foreign artist you like that you would not have heard of otherwise. Enjoy!


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