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How long is the concert? Fleetwood Mac will be on stage for approx 1:52. Here is the probable setlist based on previous concerts (99% probability):

Song title
  1. Rumours cover The Chain
  2. Tango In The Night cover Little Lies
  3. Rumours cover Dreams
  4. Rumours cover Second Hand News
  5. Fleetwood Mac cover Say You Love Me
  6. English Rose cover Black Magic Woman
  7. Tango In The Night cover Everywhere
  8. Fleetwood Mac cover Rhiannon
  9. Fleetwood Mac cover World Turning
  10. Greatest Hits cover Gypsy
  11. Boston cover Oh Well
  12. no cover Don't Dream It's Over
  13. Fleetwood Mac cover Landslide
  14. Greatest Hits cover Hold Me
  15. Fleetwood Mac cover Monday Morning
  16. Rumours cover You Make Loving Fun
  17. Rumours cover Gold Dust Woman
  18. Rumours cover Go Your Own Way
  19. Encore #1

  20. Full Moon Fever cover Free Fallin' (Tom Petty cover)
  21. Rumours cover Don't Stop

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