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Song title
  1. Woodface cover Weather With You
  2. Crowded House cover Mean to Me
  3. The Very Very Best Of Crowded House cover World Where You Live
  4. Woodface cover Fall at Your Feet
  5. The Very Very Best Of Crowded House cover Don't Stop Now
  6. Either Side Of The World cover Either Side of the World
  7. Woodface cover Whispers and Moans
  8. The Very Very Best Of Crowded House cover Pineapple Head
  9. The Very Very Best Of Crowded House cover When You Come
  10. The Very Very Best Of Crowded House cover Private Universe
  11. Woodface cover Four Seasons in One Day
  12. Together Alone cover Nails in My Feet
  13. Woodface cover Chocolate Cake
  14. Woodface cover It's Only Natural
  15. Crowded House cover Don't Dream It's Over
  16. Crowded House cover Something So Strong
  17. Together Alone cover Distant Sun
  18. Encore #1

  19. Together Alone cover Locked Out
  20. Temple Of Low Men cover Better Be Home Soon

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27 Upcoming concerts, touring in the following countries: United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Spain, etc.

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