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Top 10 most played songs by Zara Larsson: Setlist highlights from the Last 40 Concerts.

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The setlist for the next concert features live songs from the following albums:

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Based on the average Setlist, Zara Larsson will perform live for about 1:38.
Here is the probable setlist inspired by recent concerts (99% probability):

Song title
  1. Venus cover Venus
  2. So Good cover I Would Like
  3. Venus cover Escape
  4. Poster Girl cover Look What You've Done
  5. no cover Girls Like / Words
  6. So Good cover Never Forget You
  7. Ruin My Life cover Ruin My Life
  8. Venus cover The Healing
  9. Symphony (feat. Zara Larsson) cover Symphony
  10. Encore #1

  11. Poster Girl cover Wow
  12. Venus cover None of These Guys
  13. Venus cover Ammunition
  14. Venus cover You Love Who You Love
  15. So Good cover Ain't My Fault
  16. Venus cover End of Time
  17. Encore #2

  18. no cover On My Love (Zara Larsson × David Guetta cover)
  19. So Good cover Lush Life
  20. Venus cover Can’t Tame Her

Zara Larsson Tour Map 2024

Follow Zara Larsson on tour with our interactive Tour Map. Explore the places where the concerts will take and find out where you can catch Zara Larsson on tour near you.
32 upcoming concerts, touring across these countries with exciting setlists and live performances: Canada, Finland, Sweden, United States, etc.

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