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The setlist for the next concert features live songs from the following albums:

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Based on the average Setlist, Tove Lo will perform live for about 1:33.
Here is the probable setlist inspired by recent concerts (99% probability):

Song title
  1. Dirt Femme cover Pineapple Slice
  2. Dirt Femme cover Attention Whore
  3. Lady Wood cover Cool Girl
  4. Dirt Femme cover 2 Die 4
  5. Queen Of The Clouds cover Talking Body
  6. Sunshine Kitty cover Really Don't Like U
  7. Blue Lips (lady Wood Phase Ii) cover disco tits
  8. Moments (the Remixes) cover Moments
  9. Dirt Femme cover True Romance
  10. Dirt Femme cover Grapefruit
  11. Glad He's Gone cover Glad He's Gone
  12. Dirt Femme cover Suburbia
  13. Dirt Femme (stripped) cover Borderline
  14. Dirt Femme (stripped) cover How Long
  15. Lady Wood cover True Disaster
  16. Encore #1

  17. Dirt Femme (extended Cut) cover I like u
  18. Queen Of The Clouds cover Habits (Stay High)
  19. Dirt Femme cover No One Dies From Love

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