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How long is the concert? P!nk will be on stage for approx 1:56. Here is the probable setlist based on previous concerts (99% probability):

Song title
  1. M!ssundaztood cover Get the Party Started
  2. Beautiful Trauma cover Beautiful Trauma
  3. M!ssundaztood cover Just Like a Pill
  4. I'm Not Dead cover Who Knew
  5. no cover Funhouse / Just a Girl
  6. Hurts 2b Human cover Hustle
  7. Beautiful Trauma cover Secrets
  8. The Truth About Love cover Try
  9. The Truth About Love cover Just Give Me a Reason
  10. no cover River
  11. Just Like Fire (from The Original Motion Picture Just Like Fire
  12. What About Us cover What About Us
  13. Beautiful Trauma cover For Now
  14. Walk Me Home cover Walk Me Home
  15. Beautiful Trauma cover I Am Here
  16. F**kin' Perfect cover F**kin' Perfect
  17. Raise Your Glass cover Raise Your Glass
  18. The Truth About Love cover Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
  19. Can We Pretend (feat. Cash Cash) cover Can We Pretend
  20. Encore #1

  21. Funhouse: The Tour Edition cover So What
  22. Funhouse: The Tour Edition cover Glitter in the Air

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