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Wine Machine is an annual music and wine festival that takes place in various locations across Australia, including the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. The festival is designed to combine the best of Australian wine with live music performances from some of the country's top artists.

Wine Machine offers a unique and fun way to experience Australian wine and music in a beautiful outdoor setting. The festival has helped to promote Australian wine and music, as well as the local communities and businesses that support these industries.

Famous For:
The festival is known for its wineries, at Wine Machine, attendees can sample a range of Australian wines from local wineries and vineyards, while enjoying live performances from popular Australian artists such as The Presets, and Peking Duk. The festival also features a range of food stalls, local markets, and other entertainment.

Creation Purpose:
The festival was founded in 2016 by Tom Hogan, who was inspired by the idea of combining his love of wine and music. The festival has since grown in popularity and has become a favorite among Australian music and wine enthusiasts.

Fun Facts:
The festival got its name from a group of friends who used to joke about starting a "wine machine" - a device that would deliver glasses of wine to them at regular intervals.

Wine Machine was originally launched as a one-off event in the Clare Valley region of South Australia, but has since expanded to include multiple locations across the country.

The festival has attracted a range of notable artists and performers over the years, including The Jungle Giants, Hayden James, and Bag Raiders, among others.

Impact on the Music Industry:
Wine Machine has had a positive impact on the Australian music industry, by providing a unique platform for Australian artists, promoting wine tourism and local economies

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Wine Machine – Hunter Valley 2022 at a glance

When did Wine Machine – Hunter Valley 2022 take place?

Festival was scheduled from 09 Apr to 09 Apr 2022 (0 day(s)).

Where was Wine Machine – Hunter Valley 2022 held?

Wine Machine – Hunter Valley takes place in Pokolbin, Australia. Here is the full address of the festival: Roche Estate - Pokolbin

Who headlined Wine Machine – Hunter Valley 2022?

Spacey Jane, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Art vs Science, Sumner, Masked Wolf.

What were the main genres at Wine Machine – Hunter Valley 2022?

The most popular genres and subgenres of the past edition were:
electronic alternative atmospheric australian hip hop chillwave dance-punk deep house disco electro house house indie

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