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NOS Primavera Sound is a music festival that takes place annually in Porto, Portugal. It is the Portuguese edition of the renowned Primavera Sound Festival originally established in Barcelona, Spain.

NOS Primavera Sound has gained a reputation for its curated lineups that balance mainstream acts with more alternative and avant-garde performers, appealing to a broad spectrum of music lovers.

Famous For:
The festival is widely known for its exceptional lineup, diverse music genres, and immersive atmosphere.

Creation Purpose:
NOS Primavera Sound was founded by the Primavera Sound Organization. The festival in Porto was established as an extension of the original Primavera Sound Festival. The founders of Primavera Sound, Gabi Ruiz, and Pablo Soler, envisioned expanding the festival to Porto to bring the unique Primavera Sound experience to a new location and provide music lovers in Portugal.

Impact on the Music Industry:
NOS Primavera Sound has become a significant cultural event in Porto, attracting both local music enthusiasts and international visitors. Its reputation for quality music, diverse lineup, and picturesque setting has established it as one of the most highly anticipated music festivals in Portugal and has helped put Porto on the map as a vibrant destination for music and cultural experiences.

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Primavera Sound Porto 2024 at a glance

When will Primavera Sound Porto 2024 take place?

Festival is scheduled from 11 Jul to 13 Jul 2024 (2 day(s)), the countdown is running!

Where is Primavera Sound Porto 2024 held?

Primavera Sound Porto takes place in Porto, Portugal. Here is the full address of the festival: Parque da Cidade

Who is headlining Primavera Sound Porto 2024?

Dua Lipa, Gloria Groove, Sum 41, Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins.

What are the main genres at Primavera Sound Porto 2024?

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