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The setlist for the next concert features live songs from the following albums:

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Based on the average Setlist, Jack White will perform live for about 1:53.
Here is the probable setlist inspired by recent concerts (99% probability):

Song title
  1. Fear Of The Dawn cover Taking Me Back
  2. White Blood Cells cover Fell in Love With a Girl (The White Stripes cover)
  3. Fear Of The Dawn cover Fear of the Dawn
  4. Hits Of Newgrass cover Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
  5. Fear Of The Dawn cover Hi-De-Ho
  6. Entering Heaven Alive cover Love Is Selfish
  7. Entering Heaven Alive cover A Tip From You to Me
  8. White Blood Cells cover Hotel Yorba (The White Stripes cover)
  9. Lazaretto cover Lazaretto
  10. The White Stripes cover Cannon (The White Stripes cover)
  11. Lazaretto cover That Black Bat Licorice
  12. Fear Of The Dawn cover The White Raven
  13. I Cut Like A Buffalo cover I Cut Like a Buffalo (The Dead Weather cover)
  14. Consolers Of The Lonely cover You Don't Understand Me (The Raconteurs cover)
  15. Elephant cover Ball and Biscuit (The White Stripes cover)
  16. Entering Heaven Alive cover If I Die Tomorrow
  17. White Blood Cells cover We're Going to Be Friends (The White Stripes cover)
  18. Encore #1

  19. Broken Boy Soldiers cover Steady, as She Goes (The Raconteurs cover)
  20. Fear Of The Dawn cover What's the Trick?
  21. Elephant cover Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes cover)
  22. Encore #2

  23. Icky Thump cover Icky Thump (The White Stripes cover)

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