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How long is the concert? The White Stripes will be on stage for approx 1:56. Here is the probable setlist based on previous concerts (99% probability):

Song title
  1. White Blood Cells cover Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
  2. Icky Thump cover Catch Hell Blues
  3. The White Stripes cover When I Hear My Name
  4. Icky Thump cover Icky Thump
  5. Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998 - 2016 cover Effect and Cause
  6. White Blood Cells cover Hotel Yorba
  7. White Blood Cells cover I Think I Smell a Rat
  8. The White Stripes cover Wasting My Time
  9. The White Stripes cover Cannon
  10. Icky Thump cover I'm Slowly Turning Into You
  11. Under Great White Northern Lights cover Jolene
  12. Rachmaninoff, Tschaikowski & Whitacre: Lux Aeterna cover John the Revelator ([traditional] cover)
  13. Father Of The Delta Blues: The Complete 1965 Sessions cover Death Letter (Son House cover)
  14. Icky Thump cover A Martyr for My Love for You
  15. Elephant cover In the Cold, Cold Night
  16. Elephant cover Ball and Biscuit
  17. The White Stripes cover Astro
  18. Encore #1

  19. Get Behind Me Satan cover Blue Orchid
  20. Elephant cover Black Math
  21. When Ronan Met Burt cover I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself (Burt Bacharach cover)
  22. White Blood Cells cover We're Going to Be Friends
  23. Elephant cover Seven Nation Army
  24. The Phosphorescent Blues cover Boll Weevil (Punch Brothers cover)

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