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Based on the average Setlist, Iron Reagan will be on stage for approx 0:26.
Here is the probable setlist based on previous concerts (29% probability):

Song title
  1. Worse Than Dead cover Eat Shit and Live
  2. Worse Than Dead cover Insanity Plea(se)?
  3. Crossover Ministry cover Bleed the Fifth
  4. Crossover Ministry cover Condition Evolution
  5. The Tyranny Of Will cover I Won't Go
  6. The Tyranny Of Will cover The Living Skull
  7. no cover Cycles of Violence
  8. Spoiled Identity Ep cover Spoiled Identity
  9. Crossover Ministry cover No Sell
  10. Crossover Ministry cover Fuck the Neighbors
  11. The Tyranny Of Will cover Eyeball Gore
  12. The Tyranny Of Will cover Miserable Failure
  13. The Tyranny Of Will cover Your Kid's an Asshole

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