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Based on the average Setlist, Brent Faiyaz will be on stage for approx 1:28.
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Song title
  1. Wasteland cover LOOSE CHANGE
  2. Fuck The World cover Clouded
  3. Fuck The World cover Been Away
  4. Wasteland cover FYTB
  5. Wasteland cover HEAL YOUR HEART (INTERLUDE)
  6. Wasteland cover ALL MINE
  7. Wasteland cover GRAVITY
  8. Wasteland cover JACKIE BROWN
  9. Wasteland cover PRICE OF FAME
  10. Wasteland cover ROLLING STONE
  11. Fuck The World cover Rehab (Winter in Paris)
  12. Wasteland cover BAD LUCK
  13. Poison cover Poison
  14. Wasteland cover ROLE MODEL
  15. Lost cover Trust
  16. The Melodic Blue cover lost souls (Baby Keem cover)
  17. Wasteland cover DEAD MAN WALKING
  18. Wasteland cover WASTING TIME

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