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Song title
  1. The Cold White Light cover Excuse Me While I Kill Myself
  2. The Funeral Album cover May Today Become the Day
  3. Amok / Love And Death cover Nepenthe
  4. The Funeral Album cover Ever-Frost
  5. Down cover Bleed
  6. Frozen cover The Rain Comes Falling Down
  7. The Cold White Light cover Neverlasting
  8. The Cold White Light cover No One There
  9. Crimson cover Broken
  10. The Funeral Album cover Despair-Ridden Hearts
  11. The Cold White Light cover Brief Is the Light
  12. The Cold White Light cover Cross My Heart and Hope to Die
  13. Frozen cover Farewell
  14. Encore #1

  15. Down cover Noose
  16. The Funeral Album cover Vengeance Is Mine
  17. The Funeral Album cover End of the Road

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