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Top 10 most played songs by Richie Furay: Setlist highlights from the Last 40 Concerts.

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The setlist for the next concert features live songs from the following albums:

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Check out and listen to the setlist of the upcoming Concert (Spotify playlist updated after every tour date):

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Based on the average Setlist, Richie Furay will perform live for about 1:33.
Here is the probable setlist inspired by recent concerts (60% probability):

Song title
  1. no cover On the Way Home
  2. Blue Hawaii cover Fallin' in Love (Elvis Presley cover)
  3. The Essential Poco cover Pickin' Up the Pieces (Poco cover)
  4. We Were The Dreamers cover We Were the Dreamers
  5. Hardstyle Gym & Workout Covers Remixes Of Popular Songs & Music cover Hard Country (Hardstyle King Music cover)
  6. In My Father's House: The Deluxe Edition cover Wake Up My Soul
  7. Buffalo Springfield Again cover A Child's Claim to Fame (Buffalo Springfield cover)
  8. Last Time Around cover Kind Woman (Buffalo Springfield cover)
  9. Hand In Hand cover Someday
  10. no cover Sit Down I Think I Love You
  11. Wild For You cover (Goin') Wild For You Baby (Karrin Allyson cover)
  12. Buffalo Springfield cover Go and Say Goodbye (Buffalo Springfield cover)
  13. In The Country cover I Hope You Dance
  14. no cover America, America
  15. Encore #1

  16. I Am Sure cover Overflow
  17. A Good Feelin' To Know cover A Good Feelin' to Know (Poco cover)

Richie Furay Tour Map 2024

Follow Richie Furay on tour with our interactive Tour Map. Explore the places where the concerts will take and find out where you can catch Richie Furay on tour near you.

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