Rapsoul Concerts Setlist

Get ready for the next concert of Rapsoul, tour 2024

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But... Here are the top 10 songs by Rapsoul likely to played live!

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  1. Ein Teil von mir
  2. Ich & Du
  3. Sommer unseres Lebens - Director's Cut
Sebastian Hämer Photo

Sebastian Hämer

  1. Let It Be
  2. Love Is You - Radio Version
  3. Helden gesucht
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Thomas Godoj

  1. Mädchen im Regen
  2. Zeig mir den Weg - Chi Rho Titelsong
  3. Sag doch einfach
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  1. It Wasn't Me
  2. Angel
  3. Boombastic
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  1. The Ballad of Lampshade Ed
  2. In the Pines
  3. Heart Shaped Box
Curse Photo


  1. Anything but Love - Single Version
  2. ...and Just Like That (Remix)
  3. Skin I'm In - Radio Edit
Daniel Schuhmacher Photo

Daniel Schuhmacher

  1. LEB! - Original " LEEF "
  2. Vater wo bist du?
  3. Bitte nicht!
Die 3. Generation Photo

Die 3. Generation

  1. Grossstadtkinder - Radio Version
  2. Superheld - Alternative Radio Version
  3. Weltmeister
Peilomat Photo


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