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But... Here are the top 10 songs by O.C. likely to played live!

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  1. Day One (feat. Big L, A.G., Lord Finesse, & O.C.)
  2. Dignified Soldiers
  3. Dignified Soldiers (feat. Lord Finesse, A.G., & O.C.) - Remix
Lord Finesse Photo

Lord Finesse

  1. Who Got Da Props
  2. How Many MC's...
  3. Buck Em Down
Black Moon Photo

Black Moon

  1. Bucktown
  2. Wreckonize - Remix Vocal
  3. Sound Bwoy Bureill
Smif‐n‐Wessun Photo


  1. 9Xs Out Of 10
  2. The Extinction Agenda
  3. Numbers
Organized Konfusion Photo

Organized Konfusion

  1. Art of Scratch (Intro)
  2. C'Mon wit da Git Down
  3. Wrong Side of da Tracks
Artifacts Photo


  1. Me Or The Papes
  2. Tha Bullshit
  3. Ya Playin' Yaself
Jeru the Damaja Photo

Jeru the Damaja

  1. Livin' Proof
  2. Supa Star
  3. Up Against The Wall - Low Budget Mix
Group Home Photo

Group Home

  1. Think I Am - Dead Rabbit Remix
  2. Da Grind (Featuring Apocalypse)
  3. Good Ol Love
Masta Ace Photo

Masta Ace

  1. Next Level - Nyte Time Mix
  2. You Know Now - Remix
  3. Dignified Soldiers
Showbiz & A.G. Photo

Showbiz & A.G.

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