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Top 10 most played songs by James Taylor: Setlist highlights from the Last 40 Concerts.

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The setlist for the next concert features live songs from the following albums:

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Check out and listen to the setlist of the upcoming Concert (Spotify playlist updated after every tour date):

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Based on the average Setlist, James Taylor will perform live for about 1:56.
Here is the probable setlist inspired by recent concerts (99% probability):

Song title
  1. Greatest Hits cover Something in the Way She Moves
  2. Jt cover Secret o' Life
  3. That's Why I'm Here cover Everyday
  4. That's Why I'm Here cover That's Why I'm Here
  5. Sweet Baby James cover Anywhere Like Heaven
  6. New Moon Shine cover Copperline
  7. Sweet Baby James cover Country Road
  8. Sweet Baby James cover Sweet Baby James
  9. Never Die Young cover Never Die Young
  10. James Taylor Live cover Sun on the Moon
  11. Encore #1

  12. Greatest Hits cover Carolina in My Mind
  13. Gorilla cover Mexico
  14. Sweet Baby James cover Steamroller
  15. Sweet Baby James cover Fire and Rain
  16. Carole King: The Ode Collection cover Up on the Roof (Carole King cover)
  17. Tapestry cover You've Got a Friend (Carole King cover)
  18. In The Pocket cover Shower the People
  19. How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You cover How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You) (Marvin Gaye cover)
  20. Encore #2

  21. New Moon Shine cover Shed a Little Light
  22. Jt cover Your Smiling Face
  23. Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon cover You Can Close Your Eyes

James Taylor Tour Map 2024

Follow James Taylor on tour with our interactive Tour Map. Explore the places where the concerts will take and find out where you can catch James Taylor on tour near you.
38 upcoming concerts, touring across these countries with exciting setlists and live performances: United Kingdom, United States, etc.

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