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How long is the concert? Switchfoot will be on stage for approx 2:06. Here is the probable setlist based on previous concerts (97% probability):

Song title
  1. Hello Hurricane cover Hello Hurricane
  2. Fading West cover Love Alone Is Worth the Fight
  3. Native Tongue cover Joy Invincible
  4. Nothing Is Sound cover The Shadow Proves the Sunshine
  5. no cover With or Without You
  6. The Best Yet cover Dare You to Move
  7. Encore #1

  8. The Edge Of The Earth: Unreleased Songs From The Film The Edge of the Earth
  9. The Best Yet cover Stars
  10. The Best Yet cover Meant to Live
  11. Where The Light Shines Through cover If the House Burns Down Tonight
  12. I Won't Let You Go cover I Won't Let You Go
  13. Where The Light Shines Through cover Live It Well
  14. Where The Light Shines Through cover Float
  15. Vice Verses cover Dark Horses
  16. Encore #2

  17. Native Tongue cover Take My Fire
  18. Native Tongue cover Native Tongue
  19. Vice Verses cover Where I Belong
  20. Encore #3

  21. Nothing Is Sound cover Daisy

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