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Song title
  1. Catch 22 Live (at The Downtown, Farmingdale, Ny / August 30, 2004) cover Lamont's Lament
  2. Permanent Revolution cover Bad Party (1927)
  3. Catch 22 Live cover Intro
  4. Alone In A Crowd cover Point the Blame
  5. Washed Up And Through The Ringer cover Sincerely Yours
  6. Dinosaur Sounds cover Rocky
  7. Permanent Revolution cover The Spark (1902)
  8. Alone In A Crowd cover Bloomfield Ave.
  9. Catch 22 Live cover Sounds Good, But I Don't Know
  10. Dinosaur Sounds cover Wine Stained Lips
  11. Keasbey Nights cover Keasbey Nights
  12. Alone In A Crowd cover It Takes Some Time

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