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Get ready for the next concert of Khruangbin, tour 2023

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Top 10 most played songs by Khruangbin in the last 40 concerts.

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Songs to be played live were released on the following albums:

Next Setlist

How long is the concert? Khruangbin will be on stage for approx 1:34. Here is the probable setlist based on previous concerts (83% probability):

Song title
  1. Con Todo El Mundo cover Rules
  2. Mordechai cover First Class
  3. The Universe Smiles Upon You cover August Twelve
  4. The Universe Smiles Upon You cover Dern Kala
  5. Con Todo El Mundo cover August 10
  6. The Infamous Bill cover The Infamous Bill
  7. Mordechai cover So We Won't Forget
  8. Con Todo El Mundo cover Lady and Man
  9. Con Todo El Mundo cover Evan Finds the Third Room
  10. Mordechai cover Pelota
  11. Late Night Tales: Khruangbin cover Summer Madness
  12. Con Todo El Mundo cover María también
  13. Encore #1

  14. The Universe Smiles Upon You cover White Gloves
  15. Mordechai cover Time (You and I)
  16. The Universe Smiles Upon You cover People Everywhere (Still Alive)

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