The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc

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But... Here are the top 10 songs by The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc likely to played live!

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Breabach Photo


  1. Da Sneck o' Da Smaalie
  2. Hamnataing
  3. The Fiddlers' Bid Ode To Joy
Fiddlers' Bid Photo

Fiddlers' Bid

  1. Toss the Feathers
  2. The Raheen Medley
  3. The Butterfly
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Kevin Burke

  1. Lochaber Gathering
  2. Thursday Night
  3. Eejit
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Blazin' Fiddles

  1. Sextour
  2. Space Cowboys
  3. Ostindiens Velkomst
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Baltic Crossing

  1. Lady Montgomery: Lady Montgomery / Mutts Favourite / Up Da Stroods Da Sailor Goes
  2. The Rabbit, Duncan the Gauger, Jig O' Beer
  3. The Sleeping Tune
Session A9 Photo

Session A9

  1. Unknown Air
  2. Dizzy Blue
  3. Big Archie
Duncan Chisholm Photo

Duncan Chisholm

  1. Dot the Dragon's Eyes
  2. King of the Pipers/Farewell to Tchernobyl/Fairy Dance
  3. Scandalous
Hanneke Cassel Photo

Hanneke Cassel

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