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Song title
  1. Kiwanuka cover Piano Joint (This Kind of Love) (Intro)
  2. Piano Joint (this Kind Of Love) cover Piano Joint (This Kind of Love)
  3. You Ain't The Problem cover You Ain't the Problem
  4. Kiwanuka cover Rolling
  5. Love & Hate cover Black Man in a White World
  6. Love & Hate cover Rule the World
  7. Kiwanuka cover Hero
  8. Home Again cover Tell Me a Tale
  9. Kiwanuka cover Light
  10. Kiwanuka cover Living in Denial
  11. Kiwanuka cover Final Days
  12. Kiwanuka cover Solid Ground
  13. Encore #1

  14. Kiwanuka cover Hard to Say Goodbye
  15. Home Again cover Home Again
  16. Cold Little Heart (radio Edit) cover Cold Little Heart
  17. Love & Hate cover Love & Hate

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