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Noise music is part of contemporary music and emerged as an experimental and avant-garde movement in the late 20th century and continues to push the boundaries of sound and artistic expression. In 1913, the Futurist artist Luigi Russolo wrote a manifesto titled "L'Arte dei Rumori," which translates to "The Art of Noises." In this manifesto, Russolo expressed the idea that the Industrial Revolution had provided people with the ability to appreciate more intricate and complex sounds.


Noise music is characterized by its disruptive and chaotic nature. The genre rejects conventional song structures and melodic patterns, instead focusing on creating intense and unpredictable sonic environments.

Noise artists utilize a wide range of instruments and non-musical objects, such as guitars, synthesizers, found objects, and even computer-generated noises, to produce a cacophony of dissonant and harsh sounds.


Noise music often explores themes of aggression, intensity, and catharsis. The dissonant and abrasive nature of the genre can evoke feelings of discomfort, tension, or even anger. Noise artists use these sonic elements to challenge the listener's perception of sound and provoke emotional and visceral responses.

In addition to the exploration of extreme sonic textures, noise music can also touch upon social or political issues. Some artists use noise as a form of protest, challenging power structures and societal norms through sonic subversion. Others may aim to disrupt the listener's expectations and question established conventions in both music and society.


Some notable noise artists include Merzbow, Whitehouse, Throbbing Gristle, Wolf Eyes, Prurient, and Pharmakon. These artists have pushed the boundaries of sound, creating immersive and challenging sonic experiences through their work.

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