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How long is the concert? Bad Omens will be on stage for approx 1:24. Here is the probable setlist based on previous concerts (99% probability):

Song title
  1. The Death Of Peace Of Mind cover CONCRETE JUNGLE
  2. The Death Of Peace Of Mind cover ARTIFICIAL SUICIDE
  3. The Death Of Peace Of Mind cover Nowhere to Go
  4. Bad Omens cover Glass Houses
  5. The Death Of Peace Of Mind cover The Grey
  6. Never Know cover Never Know
  7. Finding God Before God Finds Me cover Mercy
  8. The Death Of Peace Of Mind cover Who are you?
  9. Finding God Before God Finds Me cover Limits
  10. The Death Of Peace Of Mind cover IDWT$
  11. The Death Of Peace Of Mind cover What It Cost
  12. The Death Of Peace Of Mind cover Like a Villain
  13. The Death Of Peace Of Mind cover Just Pretend
  14. Encore #1

  15. The Death Of Peace Of Mind cover THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND
  16. Finding God Before God Finds Me cover Dethrone

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32 Upcoming concerts, touring in the following countries: Canada, United States, etc.

Bad Omens Biography

Bad Omens is an American rock band. They were formed in 2015 in Richmond, Virginia. The founding members were lead vocalist Noah Sebastian, lead guitarist Joakim Karlsson, rhythm guitarist Nicholas Ruffilo, drummer Nick Folio, and bassist Vincent Riquier.

Sebastian was playing in a Washington DC-based band called “Immoralist”, when he started pondering about forming a new band. He also started writing lyrics for some songs of his own. He eventually quit the Immoralist in 2014, and began the formation of his new band in 2015. So, he recruited two of his old friends, Ruffilo and Riquier. They were later joined by Karlsson from Sweden, Riquier’s acquaintance. Finally, Folio was brought in to complete the original line-up. They named their new band “Bad Omens”, which was originally supposed to be the title of one of their early songs, which later became known as “Glass Houses”.

The new band put out a self-produced, untitled EP (Extended Play), which caught the attention of the people at Summerian Records. They ended up signing with the indie label focusing on rock and metal bands. Thus, Bad Omen’s debut album, the self-titled “Bad Omens”, came out in August 2016. The record peaked at the #9 spot on Billboard’s new artist-specific Heatseekers chart. The same year, they started doing live Bad Omens concert shows in sizable venues across the US.

In August 2019, their second album. “Finding God Before God Finds Me”, managed to break onto the famous Billboard 200 chart, peaking at the #81 spot. Meanwhile, the latest new Bad Omens album, “The Death of Peace of Mind” from February 2022, outdid even that, reaching #43 on the famous list.

The biggest hits in the Bad Omens setlist to date are “The Worst In Me” (2016), “Dethrone” (2019), and “The Death of Peace of Mind” (2022, same title as their album). The only change from their original line-up is bassist Riquier leaving the band in 2018, so Ruffilo took over his role, in addition to playing the rhythm guitar. Check where the next Bad Omen concert is happening near you on our page above.


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