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Song title
  1. Cities cover (Début)
  2. Cities cover Godspeed
  3. Never Take Friendship Personal cover Never Take Friendship Personal
  4. Never Take Friendship Personal cover Paperthin Hymn
  5. Cities cover Hello Alone
  6. Never Take Friendship Personal cover A Day Late
  7. Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place cover Impossible
  8. Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place cover Down
  9. Never Take Friendship Personal cover (The Symphony of) Blasé
  10. Cities cover Inevitable
  11. Cities cover The Unwinding Cable Car
  12. Lowborn cover We Are Destroyer
  13. Vital cover Self-Starter
  14. Vital cover Someone Anyone
  15. New Surrender cover The Resistance
  16. Cities cover Dismantle.Repair.
  17. Never Take Friendship Personal cover Feel Good Drag
  18. Encore #1

  19. Cities cover (*Fin)

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