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Song title
  1. Gold Chain Cowboy cover Wait Outside
  2. Cream of Country 2021 cover Young Man's Blues
  3. Stoned cover Stoned
  4. Gold Chain Cowboy cover To Be Loved by You
  5. The Limestone Kid cover Meet You in the Middle
  6. Gold Chain Cowboy cover Drinkin'
  7. Probably Wrong cover Like a Cowboy
  8. Gold Chain Cowboy cover Why Indiana
  9. Hollywood Gold cover Love You Like That
  10. Probably Wrong cover I Can't Breathe
  11. Probably Wrong cover Hell of a Year
  12. Gold Chain Cowboy cover Falling Apart
  13. Pretty Heart cover Pretty Heart

Parker McCollum Biography

Parker Yancey McCollum is an American country and Americana singer and songwriter. He was born on June 15, 1992 in Conroe, Texas. McCollum was listening to classic country songs growing up in Texas, but later, he got introduced to the work of red dirt musicians, like Cross Canadian Ragweed, and folk musicians, like Bob Dylan, as well. However, his biggest influence early on was country singer and fellow Texan George Strait.

McCollum first learnt to play the violin at age 8, then picked up the guitar and started writing his own songs at age 13. He started off performing at local open mic nights at 15 (while also learning the harmonica), and was securing paid Parker McCollum concert gigs in small venues around Texas by age 16. He moved to Austin for college, but he didn’t give up music there either. In fact, that is where he recorded his first EP.

His debut album came out in February 2015, with the title “The Limestone Kid”, through the small indie label PYM Music. It was a unique record featuring country, Americana, and folk-rock songs, but it failed to gain any significant commercial traction. His second album didn’t quite cut it either - it was released in November 2017 with the title “Probably Wrong”, and only sold around 600 copies. His third record, however, the latest new Parler McCollum album titled “Gold Chain Cowboy” from July 2021, did become a massive hit. It peaked at the #6 spot on Billboard’s country music chart, while reaching the #60 spot on the famous overall Billboard 200 chart as well.

The biggest hits in the Parker McCollum setlist to date are “I Can’t Breathe” (2017), “Hell of a Year” (also 2017), “To Be Loved By You” (2021), and “Pretty Heart” (also 2021). Check when the next Parker McCollum concert is playing near you on our page above.

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