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But... Here are the top 10 songs by Telepath likely to played live!

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  1. Up On This
  2. As Above So Below
  3. Saturday
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The Malah

  1. Drive It Like You Stole It - Mindelixir Remix
  2. Simple Joys - Mindelixir Remix
  3. Why I'm Easy - Clicks and Whistles Remix
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  1. Tengo Que Vivir - :samsa Remix
  2. Donde el mar abraza la tierra - Red Sea Mix
  3. Wide - Razoof & Emanuel's Lasso Dub
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  1. Free Move
  2. Subtrace
  3. Wolf Country
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  1. There Are No Right Angles In Nature - Thievery Corp's "Right Angle Remix"
  2. There Are No Right Angles Found In Nature - Thievery Corporation Remix
  3. Rainshine
Eighty Mile Beach Photo

Eighty Mile Beach

  1. Synaptic Response (Faculties of Cognition)
  2. For Maria Wherever, I May Find Her
  3. The Borderless Beyond
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Legion of Green Men

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