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Song title
  1. Redneck Crazy cover Whiskey in My Water
  2. Suffer In Peace cover Damn Good Friends
  3. Love By The Moon cover Love by the Moon
  4. Suffer In Peace cover I Don't Even Want This Beer
  5. Suffer In Peace cover Better In Boots
  6. Suffer In Peace cover C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.
  7. I Should Go To Church Sometime cover I Should Go to Church Sometime
  8. Redneck Crazy cover Ain't Even Drinkin'
  9. Suffer In Peace cover Suffer In Peace
  10. Suffer In Peace cover Withdrawals
  11. no cover Unsteady (X Ambassadors)
  12. Redneck Crazy cover Redneck Crazy
  13. Suffer In Peace cover A Guy Walks Into a Bar

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